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  1. I love the eggs but is anyone else having a data base error?
  2. whats the limit on levels for chucking snowballs at people I got up to level 13 so I feel I am almost at the max level soon......Or maybe not who knows
  3. what no limit on the eggs we can get wow. I say I am gonna end up trading my hollies and the other christmas eggs for things I want so yeah but new christmas dragon so gonna fill my scroll up with it and hopefully win that raffle this year
  4. -prepares for the madness- I AM READY!!!! I think......
  5. while I was egglocked I seen a cave born Gold egg I think I was just checking the bioms out seeing what eggs were up for grabs and I seen that one but off to catch these new babies I thinks and then off to study
  6. Oh I cant wait for my scroll to free up when some ER eggs hatch. I been clearing out AP dragons lately and these little gems would be a nice addition to my scroll. Are they in all Bioms?
  7. anyone know what Bioms they are in because usually TJ posts where they can be found too.....so unless they are found in all bioms I would like to know where you can find the eggs too
  8. oh these are pretty I have 7 ER eggs that ca hatch at any time so I think I will be hunting for these when I get the chance :3 I have like 3 hours before my boyfriend comes over so I have a bit of time to catch me 4 of one kind and 3 of the other
  9. Ouuuuh I been waiting for this since well since I seen the update I am keeping my egg slots clear for tomorrow morning when I know I can catch some of the babies before going to classes tomorrow A whole week of new babies to collect I wonder what they are gonna be
  10. I got my first crimson red hatching now to go and hunt around for a few more eggs hehe
  11. I got 2 of each of the new dragons Had to trade to get one of the valcanos but it was well worth it.
  12. I paniced and instead of going for one of the 2 crimson eggs I seen I grabbed a fell flame egg by mistake haha.
  13. I got some of the whitexdaydream eggs thank god the 2 pairs I breeded gave me the new hybrid eggs now I am just waiting on the next volcano drop Should be when anyone know?
  14. I'm gonna horde these eggs until I cant horde them any more I love them so much Omg the white and daydream are so pretty
  15. I woke up this morning with another egg for my easter basket O.o so I guess there is more then 49 now because I thought I had them all gathered before I went to bed. But then again TJ gave us a extra day so he might of added more eggs ;D
  16. Omg I almost got all 49 just 4 more to go
  17. I got 28 so I need like 21 more eggs to go :/ I have a feeling I wont be completing this years eggs festivle
  18. I got 6 so now I need 42 eggs.....so while I wait for the eggs to appear Imma read homestuck
  19. Darn and due to me not being active around that time I missed the homestuck egg I is now sad
  20. anyone know if the homestuck egg in the April fools event will be a collectable egg for the basket this year :/ I really like that egg
  21. nope they don't go in the baskits sadly. trust me I would love to keep the homestuck egg because I am deeply in love with the comic. So I am kinda hoping it will be a egg that you can find and it will go in your baskit for people to see
  22. I can already see me not getting all the eggs I got a day and a half and I only got 3 eggs gathered and they don't come up very often on my screen Looks like I might go another year without completling this event
  23. so will there be a time limit on the egg event or will it be over at midnight tonight?
  24. Ah okay this has got to be one of the best jokes ever. Almost as best as the day the dragon cave turned into pokemon. I wasn't there for that one though