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    And one more thing about fetuses that has mean mentioned often enough in this thread but strangely not in this part of the discussion. A fetus - even a fertilized egg - is certainly alive, it is by no means similar to a stone or something like that - but there are many things that are alive, bacteria, for example, or other single-cell organisms. But, despite being alive, it is not an individual. If you take it out of the womb, it will die. End of the story. I think the youngest baby that survived was 22 weeks old when it was born. Before that they will inevitably die, and even at that time a whole lot of luck is needed for it to survive. A living thing that cannot survive as an individual is not a person. (The question of siamese twins taken aside. Siamese twins do not necessarily depend on the other to survive, it's just that they usually bleed to death if surgically separated. There are those that do share some important organs, but they are equally dependent on each other, you can't make out to whom the organs in question actually belong. There are siamese twins where only one is dependent on the other, and those are rightfully calles parasitic twins. That parasitic twin is NOT considered a person.)
  2. Well, that doesn'r surprise me. Fraternal twins are normal siblings, only that they were in the womb together and were born at almost the same time. Their genes don't have more in common than that of other siblings. 'course there's still the chance of them being very similar and close, but that chance is, at least to my knowledge, about the same as for any other pair of siblings. Looking similar does not mean that you have to be identical twins. Even normal siblings can look very much alike (though probably you wouldn't notice it that much as they aren't the same age). The sex is determined by the genes, it is very unlikely that they are identical twins (triplets?). Though there is a tiny, tiny chance that for one of them something went wrong after they were seperated in the womb but before the sex was determined in appearance. Sometimes something goes wrong and then people look a different sex than they actually are. I don't know what causes it, though, and am not sure why it should happen to only one if they are identical twins. So, my bet would be that they are fraternal twins who just happen to look very similar. Identical twins have the same set of genes so they lways look very, very much alike (though small differences are possible, some parts of the appearance don't depend that much on genes). Fraternal twins and normal siblings can look almost identical, but can look very different as well. It depends on what part of their parent's genes they actually get. the chance is rather high that their genes will be rather different, but there is always the possibility of them ending up with almost the identical set of genes.
  3. So it's a phone call? Write down notes on what you want to say and use them as a reference. You can even wite out everything you want to say, if that makes you feel better.
  4. Page 7 already and NOBODY has mentioned "improveverywhere"? Their pranks are really awsome. I like the "Moebius" best where a few people repeat a certain set of actions again and again in the same order, so it looks like they got in a time loop
  5. I've always prefered dark hair colours, like brown and black. Red looks cool, too, I think. Blonde, on the other hand, always seemed boring to me. Unfortunately I'm a blonde. It was really light blonde when I was younger, but by now it has turned into what in Germany is called "Straßenköterblond" (~ "stray dog blonde"), this kinda brownish slighly greyish blonde. I think I would look good with darker hair but am afraid of dyeing it. It's a dry mess anyway, when I dye it I might end up with a head full of thin, dark straw. So I leave it as it is. I hate those blonde-jokes too, by the way. But I never wondered as to where they come from, since that seems pretty clear to me. I mean, you can't see some people's genes, can you? You only know what their hair colour appearently is. So "blonde" in everyday life doesn't mean "naturally blonde" but "naturally, not dyed blonde, and dyed blonde". And I'm pretty sure that most blondes - and I mean platinum blonde or bordering to it - are dyed. Blonde is, despite the jokes, a very popular colour for women and in society considered to be extremely sexy. So, if a woman wants to be sexy, she usually dyes her hair blonde. So, the blondes you meet in everyday life are made out of a small quantity of naturally blondes plus a large quantity of dyed blondes who want to be sexy and take the mainstream way to achieve that goal (plus a small quantity who simply thinks they look better as blondes). I'm pretty sure that those dyed blondes who are very much concerned about their looks are the origin of those stupid blonde jokes >.> Another thing: Although many people say that they don't care about hair colour, studies have shown that this is not entirely true. Men appear to flirt more often with blonde women, even if they say they prefer other hair colours.
  6. Read it... believed it... decided not to take part, though, because I already spend way too much time on the internet. Went to other sites... realized it's April 1st... "...waaaaaiiit a second "
  7. You're telling me? I've got just the same problem, and that since my childhood. I've always had trouble with turning my mind "off" (or directing it at usefull stuff like homework, essays, studying), and especially when lying in bed I remember all that stuff that I still have to do or that might go wrong... so quite early in my life I picked up the habit of daydreaming in bed, thinking of more pleasant things and sometimes thinking up complete stories and adventures. Needlessly to say it also had the effect of keeping me awake even longer. Additionally to my trouble with falling asleep I also have a very light sleep and wake up easily if there's some disturbence. It can be a real nuisance and I can get very annoyed and angry if people are noisy late at night. Well, I've been given quite a lot of advise on how I might get to sleep more easily. One is to recite a poem (in your thoughts) and imagining it written out while doing that. Indeed this does help after some time if it's always the same poem. I also found that it works even if I only recite the poem (without bothering about how it's written out). Another method I use is lying down on my back (in a way that's comfortable enough that I don't need to move for 20 min or so) and counting my heartbeat. Can be quite relaxing. Also it can help to imagine walking around in some familiar area and let random associations guide you. You might begin with walking around in your grandparent's neighbourhood and soon end up somewhere on the bottom of an ocean which turns into a forest that starts to burn and there you are in your old school... nevermind. Just keep on walking, and you'll slip into dreams quite seamlessly. Or so I found. Those are good ways of turning your mind off - provided you manage to slow it down in first place. (I don't always manage that and thus can end up with my mind racing anyway). Another thing about falling asleep: Our body reacts to part of the evening light, it's a kind of signal that soon it will be time to sleep. So going for a little walk in the evening might help, as well as staying away from all kinds of screens an hour or so before going to sleep (the light that screens usually emit tells the body to stay awake). Also ritual might help: Regular sleeping times, certain things you do right before going to bed... Oh, and yet another thing: It might be a good idea to experiment a little with sleeping times. I found that I sleep best if I go to bed quite early - around 8 or 9pm - and get up sometime around 6 or 7am. I I go to bed late at night I don't seem to be able to really wake up in the morning, even if I got my 8 or 9 hours of sleep. So much from my part. I've still got sleeping problems, but that's mostly due to my experiencing the time of falling asleep as "boring" and also thinking it's "boring" to recite a poem or count my heartbeat. Unfortunately the more interesting thoughts often keep me wide awake. Usually I only use these methods if I'm really, really in need for a good night's sleep. But then they do indeed help, so I guess they're worth trying out... >.>
  8. I live in Germany, which means that we recycle trash anyway. You have different kinds of trash (paper, plastic, biological, rest) that are collected at different times. We don't have that many edible things in our garden (it's small anyway) but whatever edible grows there, we use. The idea of throwing leftovers away seems incredible silly to me... we always eat them up in the following days. Once we all were absolitely stuffed at lunch, but there were still two tortellinis left... so we put them in the fridge. We drive the car es little as possible, although nowadays we need it much more often. My father has quite a long way to work and used to take the train... but after he came late (for work AND for home) several times, he decided that the trains are unreliable. Which they are, every German will tell you tat. We have had the same car for 16 years, and the only reason we decided to get a new one is that it starts falling apart. I usually walk, because I don't mind walking long distances. If I don't walk, I use the bus. At home we get most of our vegetables, meat and cheese from the market, if not, my mother usually takes care to take the "bio"-stuff. Our house is a low-energy house, which means that it has very isolating walls. Only in summer we sometimes have the windows open all day, in winter we let in fresh air every now and then by turning down the heat, opening the window for ca. 5min, the closing the window again and turning up the heat. This way the air is exchanged (and cold!), but the walls are still warm, so if you turn up the heat the room gets all nice and warm really quickly. So I guess my family is quite green. But apart from that: Saying that there isn't any global warming is no reason not to be green. Oil and gas are bound to stop one day, and than we'll need to have something different. So there's definitely a reason to use alternative energy, because sun and wind and water will always be there - and if they aren't, energy will be our least worry. Plastic is also made from oil, so looking for biological alternatives and using it more sensibly is only - sensible. In some areas water might be no trouble at all (at least most of the times, I seem to remember that even England had trouble with a drought once), but in some areas there's the risk of drought. If water is excessevly used, this will enforce a drought in risky circumstances. The human population is growing and growing, and feeding all members has become a difficult task (it has always been, anyway). The possibilites of growing food on the world are limited. If you keep throwing food away, this will encrease the need for food in your country, even though it only ends up in the trash. THis is food that otherwise could be given to other areas where grwoing fod is almost impossible (I know, I know, here it get's difficult, since the food industry itself keeps throwing away food. But let's say that the development aid really helps and that the governments finally come to their senses - this would mean that the countries in question have more money, could make money with other things than food and simply buy it from other countries. But this only works if you're sensible with food yourself). So I must admit that I have real difficulty to see why it should be our "right" to waste recourses. The recourses on the world are limited, thinking that they will always be there anyway is quite... childish. And stupid.
  9. - Any pain that comes close to torture - Rape - Being so disabled that I can't even go alone to the toilett - Being guilty for an accident/catastrophy - Having to watch someone being tortured I guess that should about cover it...
  10. Well... instead of ketchup I like to take french dressing... you know, this pink stuff with herbs. I put it on almost anything where normal people would use ketchup.
  11. We ARE travelling across it. Or does time stand still where you are? The question is more whether we have any freedom in that. I read the rather interesting theory that time travel is possible, but not in any way you like. The theory was that at first you kind of have to build a way through time... I think it had to do with light being bent within a cricle of magnets. (Gotta find that article again, and maybe a reference on the internet) Anyway, only from that time that way has been finished time travel would be possible. The idea sounds crazy, but it actually makes more sense than other things that I have read about time travel.
  12. I'd have to look in the trash... read it that day in the local newspaper as a tiny little note. I've been trying to find a link, but so far I didn't succeed... Edit: The age of the earth I usually hear is about 4.5 million years... so the new one whould be only little more than 4 million years... let's say 4.1 - 4.3 million? I think it's something around that.
  13. The THEORY is old, sure... but the SUPPORT, the fact that the the earth is several billion years younger than measured before, is new. Because the varying age of moon and earth used to speak against the theory - now that they appear to be the same age, this is no argument anymore.
  14. Won't work, since mice and rats don't like cheese... that myth might have come up because they seem to sniff a lot when they smell it... presumably because the smell is so distinctive. But they don't like it - you should try meat. I'm afraid this is a "creepy" animal, too, but I'm going to kill everybody who says that!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygh1-ul6E94
  15. Acutally managed to get a lush... and a incidently a speckled one, too...! *can't believe her luck*
  16. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/21/science/21cell.html http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100519/ful...s.2010.253.html Not THAT new, but I didn't see it here yet, and don't know whether you already read about it or not. if you didn't, you need to do it now. Enjoy.
  17. Science freak. Especially if it comes to bilogy, but the other areas are nice, too... it's only that with them I'm more interested in the fancy parts. Can't find a link right now, but today I read in the newspaper that the moon IS as old as the earth, supporting the therory that it actually is just a lump of the earth's mantle.
  18. From what I know, nipples are usually left out if it comes to e.g. tattoos, since they are very tender bodyparts. I imagine that it's veeery painfull, not only when you got it but also afterwards (imagine lying in your bed and turning around, ouch!). But then again, I have always been very sensitive to pain. Extremely sensitive. All my life I said that I would never get anything pierced, not even my ears. But when i was 17 I was fginally brave enough to get that done. It hurt terribly, but now I really like to have pierced ears. Earrings are usually the only jewelry I wear. (And by the way, in German you don't say that you get "your ears pierced", but, if you translate it directly, that you get "holes in your ears". You also say "Ohrlöcher", which means "earholes". I reckon that to non-Germans this sounds as if your ears were a swiss cheese. Actually, when I was in England, I told my host mother about me wanting to get "earholes" and she was rather confused >.>)
  19. I would say that I know grammar and spelling fairly well - in German, that is. I think that my English is quite good, too, although I'm sure that I'm unintentionally putting some mistakes in this post. If you want to correct them: Please, go ahead (with an explanation!) Since I'm studying to become an English teacher (but only in primary school) I'd like to speak and write English as perfectly as possible in a few years. Personally, I have corrected others in their grammar and spelling a few times. The time I remember best was when I was about 10 years old and my mother taught "Deutsch für Ausländer" ("German for Foreigners"), She was supposed to teach immigrants (mostly from Russia or Arabian countries) proper German. She took the tests that needed to be corrected home, and after she had corrected them she gave them to me so I could proofread them, too. She stopped that, though. >.> Her explanation was: "I can't let you proofread them since every teacher misses some mistakes. Letting you find these mistakes makes me give my students even worse marks". When it comes to my own use of grammar, I always try to use it correctly. I'm not a grammar nazi, but I feel that grammar is the basic rule that makes random words stick together and make sense. It limits the need of interpretation and gives others a chance to undestand what you actually want to say. Even "unecessary rules" such as punctuation. An example made by my English lecturer: a woman without her man is nothing means a) A woman, without her man, is nothing. or (Darn that smiley! It's supposed to be a "b" with a bracket...) A woman: Without her, man is nothing. Generally I don't mind grammar and spelling as long as there are not too many mistakes. But when a post (or any means of written communication) is stuffed with mistakes, makes no use of punctuation and half of the words are even shortened, so that I need to read it at least 4 times to just get the basic meaning, Í get really, really mad. Oh, and I use the Oxford comma ever since I learned it. It is prohibited in German unless it is necerssary to prevent misunderstanding, but ever since I use the Oxford comma in English, I'm tempted to use it German, too. It's so... tidy ^^
  20. Got them all Thanks to TJ and the artists... hungting was really fun. Although I must say that I'd like to keep not only the basket, but all of those eggs ^^ It would be a shame not to be able to look at them just because Easter is over...
  21. Yay, at least I just got the swan egg! :-D What a precious thing...
  22. Ok, got 34... four more to go and I'm done! Does anyone know in which time zone dragon cave is, anyway? 'cause that it'll last for two days doesn't help me if i don't know when that day started... To me, it's 7:15pm now, and I should be done with the eggs in two hours latest. Will it then still be Easter in dragon cave?
  23. Only got twelve... But I'll keep on collecting and hope to get all of them by the end of the day ^ ^ They are beatiful, really... I like the one best that looks like glass or crystal in a golden frame... so very pretty