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  1. It's legal in Germany and I'm fine with that. I'm not really a supporter of prostituion, mind you, and I really wish it wouldn't be there and that no woman had to steep so low as to sell her own body... ...but, as PrincessArtemis says, it's the oldest profession for a reason. And as long as men are willing to pay for it, it won't - simply won't go away, because it's an easy way to earn money for the desperate and a huge money source for the criminally minded. Legalising it is far from perfect, but it gives protection for the women - and the few men - and makes it possible for them to receive medical care and have a safety of a sort, as they can report and sue those who take advantage of them, i.e. rape them and/or don't pay or something, without having to worry about what happens to them if they do. Never mind those who provide these kind of services - it's those who take them and profit from them in the background that are the real problem, so being a prostitute should never have legal consequences. Although it is legal here, from time to time you read in the newspaper that some owner of a brothel was fined or even imprisoned for human trafficking or some other sort of crime. Of course it isn't nice to read about that sort of thing, but I'd rather have prostitution in daylight - so to say - where people can see it and control it than somewhere where it would be even harder to control.
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    Does he get to go outside? Maybe he's made some bad eperience with someone wearing those shoes, or throwing them or something...? That might sound weird, but e.g. one of my parent's cats gets scared when he sees my father in jogging trousers and shoes. Our guess is that he's made some bad experience with a jogger and connected that with the clothing.
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    Well, the target group seems to be young girls that are so extremely into fashion and concerned about their looks that they wouldn't even dare to get their fingers icky <.< Don't know why people are so anxious to get those people. Anybody else could be easily got by just showing them just how awsomely interesting science ist. Anyway I've always thought (or hoped) that being a scientist involves more than striking sexy poses in front of a male scientist
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    Actually, I also fail to see WHAT kind of science these girls are doing. One is writing down some equations, ok, but that's it... Mainly, I see three young women attracting a young scientist. Like "Oh hai HOT scientist I'm a HOT girl wanna marry me? Look I'm even paddling a little with science myself!"
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    Gawd, I hate those kinds of "campaigns". Because they totally, absolutely miss the point. When they advertise the "girly" aspect of some things in order to get girls and women interested - they are implying that females can only be interested in in "feminine" stuff - thus strengthening that prejudice instead of weakening it ~.ô "Hey, you are a woman, so you can only be interested in pink, fashion and fluffy animals - right? You would be really bored if we told you about mathematics, informatics, explosive chemistry, mindboggling theories regarding spacetime, workings of electricity, meteorology, inventive biotechnology... right? You would never, ever be interested if we told you about that, because, you know, that is boy stuff. BUT science is also about girl things so perhaps maybe you'll like some aspects of it. But we know you'll never like that other stuff." AAAAAARRRGGH! Ok, so I love earrings and dress feminine, but I can totally see the fun of chemistry going "boom", I used to be a very big dinosaur fan (wearing pink princess dresses) and I love science just for the sake of it. Reducing it to sparkly cosmetics? Meh... how boring -.- That would be perfect for keeping me right out of the way.
  6. I absolutely love plants. I moved out a few months ago into a student's housing, and the room there was so bare and cold and prison-like that my first reaction was to get 7 of my several pot plants from my room at home (there's still another 7 or so pot plants left, though) to my new room - and that made such a big difference I like to joke that I've got a green thumb and a brown thumb. I often forget to water my plants and I don't really know that much bout gardening and the specific needs of certain plants, and I lost quite a few of my plants over the years. And yet for some reason I'm extremely good with reviving plants that are practically dead. Many of my plants I never bought but collected as stumps from compost heaps or grew from plant bits that people threw away.
  7. Go to the insomniacs thread, there are some ideas on how to deal with it. Btw, I have the same problem as you. It's horrible. It's like being next to a very chatty person who doesn't need to inhale, 24/7... and that person is your own mind -.-
  8. My preferred sleeping pattern is going to bed at around 8 or 9pm and getting up at 5 or 6 am, or maybe "only" at 7am. I need lots of sleep and have trouble falling asleep if there's noise. People talking is the worst, even if they are whispering and I can't understand a word it still keeps me wide awake. I generally have much trouble falling asleep and also my sleep is very light - I wake up on the slightest noise. I used to have an alarm clock that you could turn off by slapping the button on its top - this alarm clock hardly ever made it to the second "beep" because I woke up so fast and turned it off. It was a "beep- SLAM!". As I live in a student's housing getting sleep is quite a problem and generally I'm not able to keep up my desired sleeping pattern -.- On another note, there is also a thread on insomnia. Perhaps it would be a good idea to open a thread on sleep and dreams in general? ~.ô
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    I don't play games but honestly... First they objectify her body. Then they make her body more normal and instead... objectify her character. And call it A Great Change. I'm especially mad at the "you'll want to protect her". WTF - is this what most gamers do? "Protect" the characters? Are there games where any male characters need to be "protected"? And why the heck did they need to fit in an attempted rape? Rape is not commonly known as building a character... it's generally associated with an overwhelming feeling of weakness and helplessness, nothing easily turned into strength because you Do Not Experience Strenght. Gawd.
  10. You sure you'd really want to be 1.88m? Even many men are only about 1.80m, so you'd look most people on the head... which isn't necessarily all that nice. I don't know about your preferences, but in relationships it's easier if the woman is smaller than the man... Personally I come from a very short family (my mother's) AND a very tall family (my father's), and I can tell you that neither extreme is really nice. For men being too small is troublesome, while for women it's more the trouble of being too tall. Between 1.70m and 1.80m is what I'd describe as a comfortable height for women (for men taller is better). So I'm really not all that sure you'd love to be that tall if you actually were that tall. 1.70 is both a more realistic and (I'd say) a more comfortable height. Women do most of their growing in the beginning on puberety, so I'd say that your chance of growing is quite low - though there still is some possibility. But if there's a possibility you can't force it. Malnutrition can hinder you from reaching your full possible height, but as soon as you've got all the necessary nutritions any further nutrition won't do anything - any calcium you'll add will only make your bones more stable, that's all (though occasionally too much of some nutrition can result in the body getting rid of it, thus turning it in too little of that nutrition. You should check whether that goes for calcium as well). Your height is mostly defined by your genes. Unless you have some tendency for growing unusual tall in your family it is really really really unlikely you'll grow to be any taller than your father. And as I said, if you really were that tall I doubt you'd like it that much.
  11. I third that. For some reason I get along without any racist comments perfectly well, although I don't know anybody (at the moment) who could be personally offended...
  12. God yes... one of my childhood friend's mother had four children from two men, and only after the fourth child she got a girlfriend... Apparently she'd always been lesbian but wanted children and had started her first and second relationship solely for that reason. Apart from that she didn't care for the father(s) - at least in the second relationship she left with quite a tumtum, spent two months in a women's refuge with her children (though her husband(?) had never never done anything) then went back to their flat (the father had to move somewhere else, I think, AND pay while he wasn't allowed to see his children). By then my friend was pretty much messed up. I was about 9, I guess, so my friend must have been 8 or just 9. When we met the first time after all of this, she wore.... make-up. THICK make-up. Like some teenage sl*t. AND she was too grown-up to play. Ok, so this was a little longer than I intended it to be. But when I read the comment I just thought of this and... yes. Relationships form for all kinds of reasons. Though I wish people would stick to partners tzhey are actually attracted to because - obviously... - anything else can result in quite a mess for everybody who's involved <.<
  13. Bullied? Can't exactly say so... Although I must admit that quite often people made fun of me. And I remember that once in primary school I started crying in bed because of this. But generally the occasionally mockery didn't bother me that much. I always considered it to be immature and stupid and usually just ignored it. I had much MUCH more trouble with those that were nice to me, including my friends. They were all nice and friendly and actively including me in various situations - but it was always first others then me. Even for the "best friends" in my life I was only second best... And in P.E. with my (mostly) nice and friendly and helpull classmates I was always the last over and second choice, and when we had to decide whom we wanted to sit next to in class, or in a bus or train or anywhere, I was the last one over and second choice as well... 12 years long -.- It might not sound bad, but really, it hurts up to today. Occasionally I wished I DID have bullies just so that I had someone to blame but me. In secondary school I sometimes was mocked as well and there was some stupid boy who sometimes made sexual jokes about me ("So does that mean we won't have sex tonight?" or *throwing a penny on my table* "Blow me." UGH!) But that was so rare I don't count it as bullying. Anyway it only was "funny" because I was the shy, silent, flower-drawing, modestly-and-very-unexcitedly-dressed loner that just couldn't be imagined doing anything dirty at all. It annoyed me very much, but it wasn't scaring or anything. Although I recently noticed that I can't imagine that I could be attractive to a guy. Today I dress good and fashionably (as opposed to even two years ago), and I know I look good, but when a few weeks ago some random guy complimented me on the street my first thought was "Oh yeah, VERY funny indeed!" and I angrily turned away. On second thought he sounded nice and honest and perhaps a "thank you" would have been better than my startled "WHAT!?". But well, it still isn't that long ago that people did only say it as a mockery. So, yeah. Generally: some mockery, no bullying.
  14. Gray-Asexual and heterosexual, I guess. Heck, I didn't know that there's something like "gray-asexual", but it explains a LOT.
  15. I totally agree with what Princess Artemis said about the letters, as that is what I've always thought. They're letters. At no time it is suggested that they are God's exact words, they're only interpretations done by mortal men in the context of their time and society. Show me a place in the bible where Jesus said that homosexuality was wrong (the man who went to all the sinners and said "You are forgiven, your God is a loving God"!), and if you can, please prove that this is what really happened and not what the Evangelists wanted it to be. And if you can do that, please explain why people should adhere to that even if they themselves don't believe in the Christian God.
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    Paying taxes is an infringement of the personal rights. Making access to arms more difficult is an infringement of the personal rights. Getting social aid is an infringement of the personal right. Not being able to marry the person you love, not being able to plan your family and not being able to decide what to do with your own body, on the other hand, is NOT. America, I will never understand you.
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    Love it! I googled it in German to see whether there was any more and found this thread.
  18. Lol. I'm about your age and I've never had a relationship in all my life. I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend, but I don't mind being single either. I don't have the feeling that it's such a big loss - anyway most of the married adults I know met each other somewhen in their early tweens, seems to be the general age for finding the love for life. Which doesn't surprise me, seeing how in the teenage years lots of rapid development and great changes take place. In other words: You are in an age where it's fairly easy to meet someone. And you have 15 years. 15! That's three-quarters of your life! Longer than the time from first class to school-leaving exam! And, as some have pointed out, it's not like your ovaries stop working at the age of 35 - it just get's more difficult. After 40 is when it get's really tricky. Generally I think it would do you good to calm down a little. Ok, so I haven't had a relationship and don't really know much about that - but I'm pretty sure that a strained, teeth-gritted search for the perfect match is the wrong way of finding one. And settling down with someone just to be able to get some more children in time won't necessarily make you happy. In my family there's one who got married quite early, and only because both of them wanted to have children fast. The end of the story: Three children, many many arguments, and an expensive divorce with yet more arguments. Be aware that a relationship has it's downsides too. I cannot help but think that you have very great expectations that no one can possibly fulfil. And... you are sitting at home reading books? And complaining that your time's running away with finding someone? Y'know, I've got a really strange suggestion, but perhaps it's something to consider: How about going outside doing... stuff? Stuff you like? Pursueing your hobbies together with some other people? Because I heard that by meeting poeple you could, perhaps... meet people? Edit: And having read that stuff about this guy - be carefull. I don't think it's wise to start a relationship with someone who's got problems with drinking, especially if you wish to have children. Habits are hard to break, and it's all too likely that they start drinking again, making life hard for all of you.
  19. When registering at a German fantasy forum some years ago I wanted to have a German nick that fits the fantasy genre instead of the random english username that I had used in forums before. As I somehow had grown fond of the bardes in some fantasy books and always had enjoyed writing stories I came up with "Bardin". Somehow that username seemed to fit perfectly and ever since that time I used "Bardin" or english "Bardess" as a nick and occasionally variations of it if the nick was already taken.
  20. Yes. I know. I'm just surprised that apparently I adjust my interests to my gender. I have interests in both "male" and "female" areas, but I deliberately emphasize my feminine interests. And I just know I'd partly change my interests if I changed to be a male. My realization is, as I said, thus: Just... this. I'm female, but somehow only because it is my sex. If I was of male sex my gender would certainly also be male. To my mind, it doesn't really matter. Everything that goes above my sex is just filling material decorated according to social conventions, and anything but definite. And this is a very, very new thought to me.
  21. I'm female. Or rather: I thought that I was entirely female until I read this thread. Now I'm confronted with the strange realization that, if I woke up one day as a man, I... wouldn't mind. I think. And this is strange because I'm very obviously female. Both clothing and interests are what you might call faminine. Though not entirely so, as I prefer plain clothes, never quite liked fluffy "cute" animlas (ravens, snakes and wolves are much better!) and have a strong interest in science. But if I woke up male and knew I'd stay so I'd buy myself adequate clothes (plain, of course), redecorate my room in a more masculine way (less red and flowers and instead more blue and perhaps posters with awesome landscapes) and put a greater emphasis on my more masculine interests. All in all it wouldn't make such a difference to me - well, ok, so a difference it would make, but it wouldn't bother me. I find it even more strange as I'm very, very sure I'm heterosexual and think that I would stay heterosexual if I was a male. Really, I have the feeling that to me sexuality is entirely dependent on the existence or absence of male or female bits, which by the way define my sex which then I accept as my gender. I'm perfectly happy to be female and even like to stress this point.... but... really, thinking about it it doesn't really matter.
  22. Well, I speak German (mother tongue) and English (well, obviously). I've been learning English for 10 years now, and very thoroughly as well, so whether something is in English or German doesn't really make a difference to me anymore... Saidly, English is the only foreign language I know. I did learn latin in school, but never liked it. And I'm afraid that most of the Turkish basics I learned in a seminar last semester are lost, too <.< I always dreamed about learning French, but somehow that isn't that important anymore. I hope to learn more Turkish, though, and Gaelic would be interesting as well. I'd also like to learn Spanish. With English and Spanish you should get along pretty well in most parts of the world.
  23. Germany, country of technology, industry and innovation At least according the prejudice that I came across during my time in England. I LIKE this prejudice. But looooool... you forgot England - the whole UK, in fact - Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Easy to miss, are they? Considering they are English speaking countries?
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    I HATE shoes, mostly because I hardly ever possessed a pair of shoes that really fit (e.g. right now I don't). Which is because my feet have all kinds of small deformities. I still wear shoes a lot, outside because in Germany most times it's too cold to walk barefoot and the streets aren't exactly clean. But every now and then in summer I just have to get them off outside. At my parent's home I never wear shoes inside the house. I walk an socks and in summer barefoot. In England, where I lived in a students' housing for 9 months, I first didn't war shoes inside, but soon learned to when the first party of the academic year covered great parts of the floor in vomit. It left a permanent tint in the kitchen and one bathroom -.- Now I live in a students' housing again and of course I wear shoes now, though here the floor is much cleaner. But it isn't as clean as at home and the floor is quite cold, even in my room. So... hate shoes, but am stuck with them.