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  1. My top 3 favourite Kirby games are: ~Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ~Kirby Squeak Squad ~Kirby Ultra Star I strongly believe that Super Smash Bros Brawl is not a Kirby game.
  2. guess we have to wait, what do we do once we got 20 members and got a vice president?
  3. Username: Benopia Why: I play almost all Kirby games. Yet I read the manga and watched the anime as well! Also I used to have a nickname called Kirby Addict.
  4. Username: Benopia Name: Lucy Age: 14 Appearance: Yellow long curly hair. Wears a maid outfit. Red eyes. 164cm tall. Cute face. Personality: Serious, Cool Weapons: Throwing Knives Opinion of dragons: Neutral, Should Make an Alliance Likes: Justice, Reasons Dislikes: Buggers <-NINJA
  5. Username: Benopia Side: NDK Name: Lucy Age: 14 Gender: Female Race: Humans Appearance: Wears a maid dress. Yellow long curly hair with purple red eyes. 164cm tall. Weight is a girl's secret of course. Personality: Calm, Cool Other: Lucy is skilled with throwing 15 knives per hand. Dragon’s name: Killer Doll Dragon’s age: Hatchling Dragon’s gender: Female Dragon’s race (DC Only please): Daydream Appearance: Rides on a black cloud. Have blue hide. Personality: Untalkative Other: Enjoys giving nightmares (or rather daymares)