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  1. Current? I can't catch even one CB silver Lunar Herald for month I don't even see the Eggs. I haven't one of this beautys an my scroll. Oh well. Never give up...
  2. I looove this one fount in the AP during Halloween.
  3. I've sent the Holly - I just hope it does not grow up.
  4. It seems all Holly Winners have choosen when I look at the spread sheet. Does that mean I can finally gift the now Hatchling to someone else? I'm not so happy with the lake of Information to the breeders .
  5. sanderj

    Cool Codes

    LoL I have not very Heartwarming skIp(yo)u and ZER08
  6. So many great Forts! Mine Looks - well.... like army camp meets castle or something...
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:sanderj Out of Snow now but I'll return the favour!
  8. If some of the new members want a welcome package contact me. I am Mercy Less #12802 at Felisfire.
  9. I think I may be Way to late but I am looking for an 5th gen Purebreed Pumpkin Egg.
  10. There is DNA availible for the Wild Enchantments. Thake a look in my Chryo Wild Enchantment section. Love the Cat - I have some Felis looking a bit alike
  11. No, never heard of it before I googled it now. It's more like I design most subbreeds very early morning on sunday. I Can't sleep anymore, the real life cat's won't let me, and I play around on the lab designer... then *insert magical sound here* Subbreed. Irish Magic or *wush* Caribbean Voodoo or Wild Enchantment You could call them magical morning cats - because non of those breeds was carefully planed but pure chance. For more complicated Customs I need to be more awake.
  12. Hey there just want to advertise my Subbreed,Irish Magic, raffle, since I know some people from the dragoncaves Forums participated last time and might want a chance to win the Walpurgis Night Edition. Irish Magic Walpurgis Night Edition Raffle
  13. If there is I will donate an Offspring of the one I won here. Thank you so much for this and to all donators.
  14. HAPPY Halloween! I have opened Mile Mize Clan for all Zerdas http://www.felisfire.com/clan?i=3685 - Since Zerdas are Scaaaaaaaaaaaaary!
  15. Finaly made my first Scalae girl. http://www.felisfire.com/feli?i=326815
  16. I guess they got her on the wrong foot. I really was a bit surprised yesterday getting a short PM if I have cryo space. And then got a load of fellies with no word why. It took a bit to get even a bit of the story out of her but she is upset about beeing called out and the Mods dooing nothing - but since there is a time difference and Admins and Mods are still human - it took it's time. (I guess the post has been edited it's not so mean by now and it is closed- with no coments in it.) I told her about the New News and really hope she thinks it over since I would miss her.
  17. Someone made a thread yesterday about players selling those Keys to expensive in theire shop and asked other players to embargo them. Then he or she posted the link to the "offending sellers" So I guess this is why the this should be comon sense Rule happend. I too have things at high prices in my shop - what the heck - they haven't been cheap at the time I made the price and I haven't the time to check the price situation. If someone pms me to haggle - I have no problem with that - but beeing called out in public is really rude.
  18. I am sure it will work out StarSea. (I guess you mean SPQR ( like Senatus Populus Que Romanus in english it is something like senat and people of rome) )
  19. I agree to the therms and vote Felidae. I have only one Feli that is not Felidae ant that is a Baby Chetae
  20. Wow Lye is pretty! I really lilke to adopt Tyler. Is 5 En and some more Bellleave Flowers Ok for you?
  21. It's cool you are doing an adoption thread. With the black Background ID# 296992 is realy pretty!
  22. @ Usagi Oh she is lovely @ StarSea what a pretty boy! @ DarkDamsel Sent you some Flowers
  23. My first Cat is Pregnant. *happy dance*