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  1. Mine both just hatched yellow this evening
  2. {Aria- Female Hellfire Wyvern} Though muddled at first, Aria managed to hear a voice speaking to her, and she tried to clear her way through the voices mentally nagging her and the headache that came as a result of her crying. After awhile she realized it was Caroline who had come and was speaking to her. Aria shifted slightly to face the other dragon, though Caroline did not seem to notice in her flurry of words. Aria listened more closely and heard, "not scared... Know.... trying to... I'm not good at comforting people and I don't want to make you angry... Do you want to come back?" The smaller dragon seemed almost embarrassed by what she had just said, but Aria found it oddly comforting. Caroline was not loquacious or confident: she was anxious and afraid of upsetting others, like Aria. The awkward, bumbling speech made Aria feel a earth inside at the timid dragon'a unexpected kindness and in characteristic boldness (making the solo effort to find Aria). At the dragon's final question, Aria just stared at Caroline, wide-eyed for a few seconds, amazed at the dragon's unintentional sagacity and after a moment murmured, "I never should have left...", though in a low, gravelly voice that Caroline likely didn't hear. Aria realized that her stare might be making the other girl uncomfortable, so suddenly looked away. However, Aria was glad to know there was another person who understood how Aria felt and cared at least somewhat.
  3. Tempt them with cake and peer pressure. Why won't anyone trade yellow undies for green ones?
  4. I tried undie x balloon just bc I have a lot of balloons --> undie egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/zGvR3
  5. (Aria-Female Hellfire Wyvern) Aria felt ashamed, not able to help feeling that Zeditha was right. Though they did know those in their group were human, they knew no more about each other than about the newly appeared dragons. Not to mention, her growling and paranoid actions had probably frightened everyone more than anything else, so despite her embarrassment, Aria approached the three newcomers and apologized for her violent reaction to their arrival. Aria couldn't help feeling a little down though. Despite trying to protect her new friends, she had only succeeded in alienating herself... Why do I always do this... she thought. Mumbling apologies, Aria stepped back and attempted to fly a little ways to clear her head and calm down. She managed to get off the ground, despite some shakiness, and flew over some trees, hitting her stomach along their tops, before landing in a smaller clearing by the edge of a cliff. She tried to calm her breathing and heartrate, but somehow the only thing she could do was cry. Aria had been through a lot in the past day or two and all her anxiety had built up, only to bubble out now. I thought I could at least try and make the best out of this situation and make some friends, but I guess I'll never change... Aria tried to reach one of her large rocky paws up to her face to wipe away the wetness on her face, but was unsuccessful and managed to slice her face with her claws a little in the process. Emotionally exhausted and in pain, Aria laid on the ground, curled up as tightly as she could, and tried to sleep despite the quiet sobs lurching through her body. ((Also, I liked your response Zeditha! Good for a leader Aria means well, she just gets anxious... ))
  6. In case anyone was still wondering, not incubating them does not affect what color they turn out. My non-influenced, non-eq'd, non-incubated one still came out green.
  7. [ARIA- Female Hellfire Wyvern : Last seen growling near edge of clearing,agitated] In the corner of her eye, Aria noticed as the timid Caroline welcomed yet /another/ wild dragon into their ranks, and she let out another deep grumble. "Seriously Zeditha, Caroline. You've just been elected leaders, albeit through a little bit shaky measures, so you are the ones in charge of leading and protecting this group, no? How is inviting these other dragons into are group, whom we know nothing about, watching out for the group? It's reckless! Are you two thinking at ALL of the potential danger in this situation? What if a dragon were to come along and be harmful? Our defenses are down and we could all be dead within the minute! Aria was exasperated and stopped speaking to calm down and catch a breath. She looked up after her short speech to all the sets of eyes showing different emotions at her outburst and felt a bit ashamed but did not back down because Aria knew their safety was vital.
  8. The deep sea pairing with them looks /gorgeous/. I might try that out
  9. Well, if so I have 3 incubated and one non incubated to test the theory
  10. Small fairies catch them! How do I get a CB gold?
  11. You haven't earned enough credits. Who owns the oldest dragons?
  12. I'll let you in on a secret: they think you smell funny. Why do my dragons keep refusing to breed?
  13. Just to throw in my opinion, I personal prefer the random drops because I think it is nice to have a less predictability in a game like this. Though I want everyone to have a chance at getting new eggs, I also think that scheduled drops make it harder for people with slower reflexes get the eggs because people have been waiting for the drop before it even happens. On another note, I picked up my eggs at all different times of day, so we'll see if it's just rare or time-dependent.
  14. "There seems to be another egg hatching from this one!?" Opposites: New and Old Dark and Light
  15. Posted for Aria, I hope you enjoy reading it .Also has anyone PMed the other RPers to see if they are gone from the forums temporarily/just forgot to post/are otherwise occupied, etc.?
  16. [Female Hellfire Wyvern Aria] Aria was a little on guard. Since the group of necklace-wearing dragons had found out about their situation, several non-neclaced dragons had entered the field and approached Zeditha and the others. Though these dragons seemed fairly harmless and merely curious, Aria was in edge. With the human-dragons in the clearing, she had had a chance to speak with them to learn that they were not harmless, and being human, she worried less about being attacked by surprise. With the new dragons, Aria had no idea what to expect. After all, there was a severe lack of dragons back home... Aria began to hear their newly-elected leader offering a place in their group to one of the dragons that had just entered the clearing and heard another voting to create roles in their new society. Aria snarled, deep and low in her throat and crept slowly backwards. When she recognized the sound as her own voice, she was momentarily startled by its ferocity and volume, but she had no intention of apologizing for her response. Just as hackles rise up on a dog's back when frightened or angry, the bristly, stone-like scales on the back of Aria's neck rose up. So much had just happened and the human-dragons were in a completely new and unfamiliar situation, yet their new leader was treating it like she was just in another one of the dreams she talked about having, rather than being in real life where the entire group's lives were at stake if they made an error. Though Aria knew they would have to adapt, everyone's readiness to accept strangers into their group was terrifying to Aria. Still creeping backwards slowly, she bared her sharp teeth. And even if these dragons turn out to be sociable, she thought, who is to say the next dragon we meet won't try to rip us all to shreds... Aria was frightened and angry. Though she wanted to be like Zeditha, and even the timid Caroline, who both instantly became comfortable with the situation, Aria was having trouble coping. However, she also felt it was wrong that their leader began conversing with and inviting into the group the newly arrived dragons without so much as a word to any of the other group members. Aria understood the importance of diplomacy and kindness in forming a new society, but, she thought, those two seem to have no thought for the immense potential danger we face. Dragons have already started appearing, despite it only being a couple hours after the old man's message, so it is likely there are many on this land, some of them bound to be unfriendly... As Aria looked up, she noticed many sets of eyes had been drawn toward her, likely due to her earlier snarl. (Sorry, long post and some conflict...)
  17. Guilty Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed so hard about something that people started giving you strange looks?
  18. I can never catch CB rares, but just caught a second CB thunder just today! My lucky day and caught a nice lineaged one in the AP
  19. Grabbed a CB thunder despite moving to a new biome thinking it was a electric!
  20. I haven't been posting because I've been waiting for others to vote. My dragon would be interested in lead fighter when that comes around.
  21. Here is mine!: "I believe this egg can save the world." Element: All elements Copyright: Avatar: The Last Airbender
  22. Would have posted mine, but my computer died and refuses to boot... :'( *cries*