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  1. Love LOVE love LOVE these Easter eggs!!

    Just got a sweet smiley rainbow raindrop sunshiny one that hit the spot.


    Got the Pong (oh that brings back memories...) one late last night and had a laugh.


    They're all special. LOVE them.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love these eggs! Can't believe how creative and pretty they are. I want to be surprised by each one, so I'm avoiding the thread. But the truck egg just popped up and I laughed. Nice job, wonderful egg spriters!

  3. I can't get over this:


    It keeps trying to give you pieces of its nesting material as a gift.


    I don't want to freeze one of these beauties but the babies are so cute, I can't stand it.


    All the flowers are so pretty too. Want one of the dragon vases for my shelf.

  4. I bought an old book online which was out of print for decades. It should have been in good condition and stuff but when I opened it someone had written into it. I was anoyed at first but than I started to read what was written and I was "WTF!!!!". The person who wrote in the book was my long deceased grandmother! She put in her name and adress, the date and who gifted the book to her. She must have lent it to someone who never brought it back and later sold it to the second hand bookshop. When I tried to contact the shop to ask about the book the shop didn't exist anymore.

    My parents and uncles and aunts all freaked out when I showed the book to them. laugh.gif

    This is wonderful.



    -Seeing a missing cat's face in the window.