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  1. Is this lineage still active? id love to participate

    Hi smile.gif

    It's active as long as people are participating, and I'm sure they do (as do I) but they may not always post much. It's a happy lazy fun name-it and you've played-it lineage in honour of the incomparable Star Trek franchise.

  2. Well this looks interesting! I read the OP and was confused, so how do I begin?

    Do I just name a dragon 'Troi' and I have a Trek dragon?

    I think that's pretty much it! Which is why I can manage it. tongue.gif

  3. My heart goes out to you, Thuban. I feel a little anger, reading this post. It seems as though no one who should be paying attention is listening.


    This is irksome:

    Being on meds has done nothing more than ruin the ONLY good things I had going for me.


    This seems to be the case, too often. Meds are prescribed as a quick cure with little care. The side effects you're suffering sound like hell. I have no idea how long you've been on the particular meds, or what they are, but it sounds as though you should have changed doctors and definitely therapists.


    Without knowing more of your medical situation, I couldn't begin to guess what chemistry is at play, but you sound as if you're pushing yourself hard to hold onto that light of hope in all this darkness. It must be worth it, it is, you've already proven that. There has to be someone out there who will do the work to find the right meds, or no meds if need be but the proper form of therapy, to get you on the right track.


    This is awful and I feel helpless just reading it and wishing I knew more or could kick some people in the teeth just to pay solid attention and help remedy it. Just best of luck truly and fight the good fight.......


  4. .... take the lint from the dryer and leave it on top of the dryer, even though the bathroom (which has a trash can) is literally a few feet from the dryer. ...



    I've never done anything like that. Ever.

    Yes, yes I have. But worse: I carry the dryer lint around after scooping it, and instead of making its way in the nearby trash, it ends up on top of something else. A coffee table. Chair. Coffee pot. A shelf in the fridge.

    Maybe because it's warm still? It seems too precious in these wintery days to toss to the trash.



    Pet peeve: the world is so angry lately.





  5. Just a little grammar peeve:


    Seeing "its" used in a possessive form. As in (incorrectly, always) "It's name is Sphinx". Or worse: its'


    It's = It is. or It has


    Every time.


    Never ever is "it's" used in a possessive sense. So it's (it is) hard to read through sentences that imply the meaning of "It is name is Sphinx". Should read: "Its name is.... "

    Public schools... public schools...

  6. user posted image


    poptartFINALTINY.gif PARTY TIME poptartFINALTINY.gif


    Many thanks to all the spriters!



    Took me a moment to find the Canopy mate. Pretty combo. Everything looks strangely magically delicious.



    I hope everyone got mates and managed to fix their cave so the new female showed up if she was in hiding.



    I love the new Valentine's dragons this year, very sweet.


    The Valentine's cave game was great fun. Will miss it. So happy my Radiant Angel at last attracted a lovely mate (Bleeding Moon)!

    Love at first sight.


    The poor guy would have been happy with a chicken or cheese. He was nearly wiped out from changing out shinies and meats, tossing misc. items, hanging grapes and playing music for all the finicky females stopping by.



    My Radiant Angel attracted a Bleeding Moon!


    Never saw her stop by the cave the whole courtship process.


    Must have been love at first sight. So happy they look together.


    It's about time. He would have been happy with a chicken. Poor guy was exhausted from adding shinies, tossing misc. items, gathering meats, hoarding sweets. He even played music for all the ladies that came and left him on a little flute.