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  1. Another fantastic holiday at DC. Thank you so very much to TJ, all the artists and writers and everyone who always pull together to make magic here. What a fun frolic, and beautiful new dragons.
  2. Just got giddy catching this. I've just never seen this pairing before and it was unexpected. http://dragcave.net/lineage/qF5JN
  3. This is phenomenal. http://dragcave.net/lineage/lJPaW
  4. In shock. After breeding, borrowing, stealing hundreds (at least 60..?) black eggs, I finally have the first precious ALT in ages. And a blizzard's due soon, so the lineage is apt. http://dragcave.net/lineage/r1izD
  5. There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy And sad of eye But very wise Was he And then one day A magic day he passed my way And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings This he said to me "The greatest thing You'll ever learn Is just to love And be loved In return" ― David Bowie
  6. “May you get all your wishes but one, so that you always have something to strive for...." Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo arís (May we be alive this time next year!)
  7. I Hug My Own Leonard Nimoy takes the cake. I love clever naming schemes or just beautiful names, so I try to incorporate them into the offspring I find in the AP. But sometimes I get a messy lineage with a fantastic early generation name set so I take from that to name.
  8. Extraordinary. Thank you to all who made such a special holiday here and especially wonderful treat in the Valkemarian Tales! So fun, I don't want it to end. It's been such a treat. DC holidays are so special.
  9. Wow what wondrous and horrific dreams here. I typically recall my dreams, and typically they are quite long and detailed. But recently I woke after dreaming of seeing a cow far up on a peacefully sunlit hill with scattered trees. A black and white one. Looking calm, grazing. Silly and peaceful.
  10. 10 kadrillion black dragon eggs and not a single alt in a century.
  11. This guy is so sweet I want to put him in a Christmas candy dish. Lovely, Undomiel. http://dragcave.net/lineage/VlcVX
  12. George Macdonald (Phantastes...) J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. Atlantis and Shangri-La
  13. Three bean salad tossed with hot jalapenos. (=dessert)
  14. Thank you all for another wonderful fun magical Halloween. The treats and ingredients, brewing and potion surprises were so much fun. I can't be the only one who wants a balloon dragon potion-plushy now. Or to invite the fancy real time dinosaurs to stay.
  15. Gorged on spooky new eggs. But super excited to have at long last snagged a swirling shadow ingredient.
  16. "This hatchling could hardly be considered cute." Au contraire. This is a most adorable lineage. https://dragcave.net/lineage/d46gL
  17. Hmm, do you keep checking them? They're not constant, and sometimes it seemed as though I had to wait twenty minutes before another ingredient showed up, in another biome. I've also got about a thousand ice plants and used my only fireflies. Purplehaze has a helpful post above. Edit: I just finally found my first "flame lily" after playing for days. Also, make sure you're set in compatibility mode for this site.
  18. Things I shouldn't have. Thick slices of jalapeno and cheese bread with butter. Sparkling spiced juice.
  19. Hey, hi, figure the event out? Which part(s) in particular? So much activity here, your post was probably just missed...
  20. Adorable ingredient of the day: A swarm of lightning bugs
  21. Anxious about a dental appointment tomorrow.
  22. I don't know why a jar of eyeballs just made my day, but it did. These Tricks and Treats are super fun. I love getting a kick all over again at the prior Halloween goodies too.