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  1. There's a birthday party at the home of Farrrrrmer Gray.. -Sleigh Ride- the whole song, the whole day.
  2. These are brilliant. I like them a lot, along with their description.
  3. Loverboy - Take Me to the Top ... was stuck in my head.
  4. Really enjoying this show. First season was a disarming surprise, fun and creepy but sweet. The premiere of S2 promises another good season. Can't wait to see more episodes... taking it slow to relish them.
  5. I'm totally sold on Capaldi, wish he'd stick around a bit longer. I like Bill too. Didn't at first but she grew fast on me. The Girl Who Waited is a special favourite. This season so far.. Knock Knock was good fun stand alone, Oxygen was clever... Extremis is quite good... Can't wait to find out who the new doctor will be... but will miss Peter.
  6. Found a Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken) in the AP! It's the little things that count..
  7. Oh happy stars, Happy Birthday beloved Dragon Cave!
  8. Love these eggs. Fun to admire the beauties from past years again too. I'm still mesmerised by the evolution egg last year.
  9. Just snatched that one. I swear I can hear it singing, chirping. I love DC holidays. These eggs are fantastic.
  10. Sweet female morphodrake hatchie Claim my eggs/hatchlings! (Ninetails, thank you again for the beautiful Vine egg. It hatched alt, exciting since it's been so long since I've had an alt. Nice surprise.)
  11. I appreciate the lot of them. The Next Generation and Voyager are favourites.
  12. Editing. And almost anything but watching April the Giraffe chew her cud.
  13. Happy to catch this sweet first of April mint. https://dragcave.net/lineage/SpR9X Although it's not a CB someone tossed, it's even more precious. I failed to get a mint on April Fools Day after remaining silent, didn't think to breed one. I'm grateful to the person who bred this. Sweet mint mixed with a beautiful snow angel.