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  1. Had a dream last night everyone was turning to metal. Their arms would turn into winglike flaps of metal and start creaking, then their chests and legs. As if a virus was turning humans into robots.
  2. Howl's Moving Castle I saw by accident and fell in love with. This thread makes me want to see Spirited Away now.
  3. I usually name them as soon as they gender.
  4. I love seeing that gorgeous Easter basket on my scroll and being able to click on it and admire all the exquisite eggs. I'm so happy we get to keep the lot of them to admire in the basket. THANK YOU everyone who made it so fun - what a brilliant idea - and put heart into it.
  5. There isn't a green dragon I don't love. Neotropicals and Vines are special. I am in love with Sunrise/Sunsets and albinos and pygmies. Albinos make me think of ghostlike 'good' vampires. They are majestic and righteous looking. Love 'em. Love ALL of them, really. Can't get enough. Glad there is so much variety.
  6. Perfectly said. I totally agree.
  7. Wow - What beautiful fun gorgeous special surprise eggs!!!! Finally found all? (38)of them and it made me feel a little like a kid again, must confess. They are so darn pretty. All of them. But I just have a soft spot for the meadow and sky scene egg. Thanks for a happy Easter everyone who worked to do this for us!!!
  8. All right - I knew this would happen if I posted about it! I promise, I saw two "RIP" headstones in place of two nebula hatchlings!! Just about 10 minutes ago. I refreshed the page, came back to it, couldn't believe it (his dragons have to be immortal and all), kept checking, and finally posted. Now I just checked and, sure enough, they appear back to normal. Well, good. But it's a mystery to me. * EDIT: Thanks, Steven PSN-14, I didn't know that. That's a relief.
  9. Why are two (as of this post) of TJ's hatchling's dead??? It scares me....
  10. I had to log on just to say this gave me a good laugh On topic: My nebulae are feeling better now, yay! No more soft shell. Can't wait until a little after the Midnight Hour when two will hatch.
  11. My nebula eggs are sick too. I've never had sick eggs before. Fogged them, so I hope they will recover. They're so pretty.
  12. (Nocturnes are in day pose on my scroll but when I click on them, they turn to night.) ...I'm afraid to post anything here that might be off topic and offend the moderators... I don't know what the topic is.
  13. Black Trash It's a black alt and mother of a Thuwed.
  14. Right now I just can't get enough of the sweet Pygmies. I'm building a mini army.