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    Chickens are amazing. I enjoy just watching them freerange. Peaceful to watch, fun to watch, and they're great providers. But I can't imagine culling mine. I just lost one to a coyote and the others miss her. Now just 8 and my Transylvanian Naked Neck has a special place in my heart. She was in a throwaway bin. I think someone thought she was ill. But she is a character. Funny and happy and strong. And eats like a hungry horse. Love the sounds they make too. And they're living dinosaurs

  2. Honestly.. I think it's amazing that some people put so much thought into lineages. I've seen some that just look like art. I love looking at other people's lineages. But I don't care if they're on my scroll or not. I get all soft about the pathetic seeming ones or the cast offs. Sometimes a long messy lineage is fascinating too.



    The elusive little ... small things.

    I'm hovering over the two babies I have now due to recent kindly trades.


    They've taken on mythical status for me. They're like ghosts in the cave. I turn/click... and they vanish.


    I don't know why I covet them more than silver or gold.

    So happy I finally have a couple from trades.



    Your vote has been successfully recorded. Now displaying another tree...


    You have voted on all tree submissions. Thank you for your votes.


    Oh man, darn it. This was great fun. Sorry about the trees caught in the glitch. Some of my favourites were the luxuriousy decorated. Some with tinsel garlands used so well, too. Reminded me of the joy of Christmas. Also the sparsely but beautifully adorned.. Some reminded me of the trees my parents decorated outside the house with bird feeders and baubles and the birds come to visit, bringing the tree to life outside the frosty windows.

    Incredible or fun ideas well executed and magical themes got high scores too, and so many had the cutest little touches. Couldn't bring myself to give low scores to anyone who clearly tried. And voted well on some nicely done trees that may have had a stray garland or ornaments off to the side. I hope there's a great variety in the winning circle. Darn it, didn't want to finish yet. Didn't even get weary of seeing the same types. Each is different. Was fun. Good luck and happy new year everyone.



    Things definitely seem different to me. I don't understand how, but now in the past week or two I've suddenly been able to catch specific eggs I'm after at a much higher percentage. I haven't changed my computer, mouse, browser, or anything on my end. Something just seems to have opened up.


    For example I tried hard to get a Sunsong egg since they came out and always failed. I was just recently able to get two. One from the Cave and one from the AP. A few others I've tried to get before with no luck now seem easy. I love it. I hardly had good luck at all before with getting the eggs I went after.


    Mmmm... more cream cheese enchiladas....



    I checked these on the Adopted Dragons list and did not find them, so I will be watching them:


    Electric - Male - 5CvK


    Guardian - Male - rmgg


    Frilled - Female - fCOD


    Stone - Male - Akxv


    Seasonal Autumn - Male - QwFM



    Please let me know if I should add them in a spreadsheet or something - and if I did this wrong. I'll watch more when I make sure I'm doing this right.