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    And what. Have. I. Done. To. My. House D:


    I SWEAR, i really shouldnt have added the sky. Now it looks like the house has a blue beanie on it!! D:


    I KNEW IT, the more i add stuff to it, the derpier it gets >.>

    Loved it before, love it now, just seems so inviting.


    Happy Boxing Day.


    What a Christmas gift ... that keeps on giving... Dragon Cave is, many happy thanks to T.J. for this addiction, to all the artistic elves and toolmakers who make so much fun and joy possible. Love this place so much. Thank you all of you.


    After several years and countless hours trying, I finally caught one. I stared at the Get Code page and that beauty with the prickly leaves sticking out for a long happy time, it felt magical.

    It was sitting at the very lower left hand corner of the AP, strange place, never saw a rare one there before. Only reason I caught it.

    Then I got a second one in a trade yesterday. I did not think I would get one until next year, or the next. It may be the only egg I've ever wished I could freeze. I love all the Christmas dragons so much.



    Staring with love at my new Holly just caught on the AP, first ever. Have probably logged about 30+++ hours over the last several years hunting for one singular elusive egg.


    I am so grateful to the player for breeding and dropping it in the AP.


    Would have been happy with any lineage, any, but got a 2nd gen.

    What a beauty.



    I have been playing since 2008, and have managed to get every dragon except the Holly and the Neglected. I've been a Christmas catcher. I'm ARK listed. I've given away more golds than I can count on The Giving Tree. And every year, I mean to get onto the Holly list, and every year, my timing is off. Needless to say, I've never been able to catch a Holly on the AP, either.


    And I just got one!!!!! It was just sitting there on the AP, and I lunged and got it!!!!


    And did I mention, I GOT A HOLLY!


    Ahem! I'll be over here, cuddling my Holly. ;-)

    This is nice to read. Christmas cheers.