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  1. Wishes:

    1. People would stop doing violent and malicious things to other humans and animals.

    2. Humans would live several (healthy) lifetimes within one, if they earned it. Have to earn it.

    3. I'd forfeit the last to secure the first.

  2. given the choice, would you rather go to public school, or be homeschooled with lots of social activities (sports, scouts, etc?)  How would those environments be challenging or helpful?  Is one-on-one attention better than a classroom environment?


    Homeschooled. With no busy exhausting impersonal crowded social activities. But that's just my preference. One-on-one attention surely brings out talents and better problem solving and real life coping skills.



    Should have added- the best decision my mother said she ever made was removing me from public school. We were lucky. I am. Eternally grateful. And that was some years ago...

  3. A balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. The broth that is first sipped from the egg can only be described as a slightly sweet liquid that tastes of your average egg. The embryo itself has a unique combined taste of duck and chicken, with a hint of fish. The rest of the egg simply tastes like egg and the texture is similar to that of a hard-boiled chicken egg yolk.

    This is making my mouth water.




    I love cactus.