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    Nadolig Llawen!  A joyful Christmas holiday to the wonderful world of DC, all its artists and creative writers and generous TJ.  Thank you for a safe and happy place to play and celebrate dragons.  Thank you for so much fun.❄️🌠🐉           :iraptor: 


  2. Happy to have found them all.  It's a nice time to admire the prior years' collection of beauties. I keep enjoying them, all.  Thank you to all the wonderful creative contributors!!  Hats off to you and to TJ.

    These are the best egg hunts ❣️

  3. 2 hours ago, Lagie said:

    No. TJ works magic and all is well at the very end!


    Truer words were seldom spoken.  ☺️


    Many thanks for a wonderful season again from the magnificent Dragon Cave.  I've been uncharacteristically under the weather this year and the fun here gave needed doses of cheer.  I'm so grateful for this place, for all the dragon lovers that put work and creativity into it, the players as well.  Thank you.  💖

    It'll be tough to go cold turkey from Mana Alchemy.  


  4. Spectacular new dragons.  

    This is so fun, opening the new doors for more goodies, fun and games.  I'm addicted to mana alchemy.   

    Would love to make meringue and mashed sweet potatoes, but alas - no sugar.  No sugar for two days.  Sugar drought.  



    *Minutes later*...

       miracle alert!  3ysfqc.png