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Wishlist:Any gen Shimmer! Accepting Breeding requests from my scroll Will give ANYTHING I have for a dragon with the code 'Cassi' (any caps).mail.jpg1_unshe.gifI Accept IOUs!!Many thanks to those who gifted lineage bound dragons to me! You are AWESOME!

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    Notice: Any dead eggs on my scroll are failed Vamp bites.



    -CB Pink
    -CB Nebula
    -CB Ice
    -CB Magma

    ----------2nd Gen-----------

    -2nd gen Ice from Frill x Ice mom
    -2nd gen Green Stripe from Stripe x Frill
    -2nd gen Pink from Pink x Rosebud
    -2nd gen anything from a Frill

    -----------Any Lineage----------
    - Metals, especially Golds

    ***Lineage Waiting List***
    ^ michellechan2211 - 6th gen
    ^ simkim - 6th gen
    ^ LibbyLishly - 4th gen Blue Neb

    Xythus x 2- Fulfilled!
    Narnine - Fullfilled!
    Kara Wolf - Fullfilled!
    Velvotg - Fullfilled!!

    *****Planned Gifts*****
    Psyk - Siblings to Crianca and mate
    Sibyl- 2nd gen from Fall x Silver

    Bodecia - 2nd gen PB Blusang

    LittleNia - Hatchies and Navnik