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  1. Egg from Team olive safely grown and paired, and a shiny new egg to boast here! Naming Form Dragon Owner: Gunnila Team: Indigo Name of Dragon: EPIC Flying Serpent Generation of Dragon:8th Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LoNiT New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: Gunnila Team of Breeder: Indigo Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/view/t2TAG Transferring or Keeping: keeping! Good luck everyone else! /switching to hiatus form until 10th gen breeding time/.
  2. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder Gunnila Team of Breeder Indigo Generation of Egg8th Lineage URL of EgghttpdragcavenetlineagezHikp Transferring or Keeping transferring to Jumpsnake Transfer Form Sender: Gunnila Team of Sender: Indigo Receiver:Jumpsnake Team of Receiver: Olive Generation of Egg:8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zHikp
  3. Beautiful dragons, and a lovely description too!
  4. The tread was supposed to be about AP finds, but it seems to deteriorated already to include other inbreds, so I'm gonna show mine too. I don't have many inbreds, after some time in the cave I "cleared" my scroll and released all I had multiples, but this here is an effect of an inbred project. I may carry it on until it flows off the page It has 18 dragons appearing more than once. Yahuar Huacac and Mama Chikya o'r Chu-Ya x2 Inca Roca and Mama Michay x4 Capac Yupanqui and Mama Cusi Qorihillpay x8 ........... (AIdp) and (p8p3) x512 inbred checker Lineage and, creating a heavily inbred drogon is really easy, just breed two pure high-gen dragons twice and breed the sibilings - numbers should go in thousands if EG.
  5. A gorgeous event, thank you all the spriters and TJ! Sending some of the flowers they designed to each of the spriters, anyone join me? Let's give them vases of their favourites as a thank you!
  6. here's my sister's one and what we managed to come up with. We are still trying to cover up this yellow plumeria - the first idea was to use all white flowers, but it evolved White roses
  7. The above looks really full still pretty. After some while I decided to go with a white-pink theme, hope I can manage till the end of the event.. my vase
  8. Me, Ytak and Naughtrish agreed Ytak is going to be the captain for Team Indigo. Unfortunately no contact with Golovir in more than a week.
  9. Hi. Good to hear the project is on the roll again. I'm no longer an active player but I 'd like to finish this project, so count me in please. just need some time to look around my scroll again. Renaming Form Dragon Owner: Gunnila Team:Indigo Original Name of Dragon:Epic 6 gen New Name of Dragon: EPIC Hiking Holidays Generation of affected Dragon:7th Lineage URL of affected Dragon:lineage Naming Form Dragon Owner:Gunnila Team:Indigo Name of Dragon:EPIC Holiday Flaming Goldfish Generation of Dragon:8th Lineage URL of Dragon:lineage And WOW, just tried if my dragons are going to cooperate after so long, and seems they aren't mad at all: New Egg Form Dragon Breeder:Gunnila Team of Breeder:Indigo Generation of Egg:8th Lineage URL of Egg:lineage Transferring or Keeping:Whatever suits the lineage. It's just an accidental egg, so I can transfer it if anyone is ready to take, or just keep it as a back-up (will influence female)
  10. I think it's been the easiest and fastest and least stressful release since I joined DC two years ago! Thanks TJ and contributors!
  11. Big kudos to everyone involved in the holiday celebrations this Christmas. I enjoyed all aspects a lot, - costumes were great and I vote for them to be available as alts please, - stories and tokens - great idea, loved reading them - the extra day to pick missed tokens lovely idea, taking the stress off people ( even if I missed this) - I love the wreath decorations - much appreciate the prize draw instead of a contest - and finally, extended holiday drop is perfect, I got my eggs in the first try, no stress, no fuss, everyone joyful. THANK YOU DC Team!!!!
  12. It's a great event, i really had a lot of fun wandering around the haunted mansion in circles, and I managed to find all the 39 items and get a badge! Thank you to everyone involved in creating this event! And thank you to those who posted spoilers on how to get the bonus chicken too!
  13. Gunnila

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    ooo, fried cheese!
  14. Gunnila

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    I love the new features. Thanks TJ!
  15. Gunnila

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    there are more purple dragons, or purple mixed with other colour. Horse, dorsal, nebula, sunset, sunsong.
  16. With all the blank and haphazardly decorated trees, and all the ones lookina as if the ornaments have not been moved from their initial positions I have an impression that all trees that have been "seen" by the scrollowner are being subjected to the contest, no matter if submited or not...
  17. Here's my wishlist: Rare - silver, magma, CB Ice Uncommon - dino, cheese, paper Common - CB Ridgewing, tan Ridgewing (CB or even gen PB), split I'll also contact SS for donating some eggs.
  18. Gunnila

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Did anyone tried spotting the differences between male and female BBW? So far I found: 1. an orange crest on the head 2. eyes 3. collar/collarbone 4 tip of the tail anyone sees anything else?
  19. I've seen a CB black yesterday!