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  1. I won!! Not. LOL, I wonder if I'll ever get to say that. Congrats everyone who did win!
  2. Grabbed the first lot! Thank you Shad <33
  3. I grabbed the Sweetling, thank you
  4. Took number 3! Thank you <33
  5. I took this one, thank you!! <33
  7. I grabbed both of these, couldn't help myself. Thanks guys! <33
  8. I took the Falconiform! Thanks <33
  9. My current bad luck is that I was AP hunting and trying to concentrate on a game on my TV screen at the same time and bloody missed a CB PRIZE dragon! I want to cry lol.
  10. Influence definitely doesn't effect the colour!
  11. Sad I didn’t win this month as it was my 10 year anniversary date for DC too. Oh well, maybe next time congrats to all winners!!
  12. Couldn't resist the LH, my favourite breed and colour too. Thank you
  13. I've never in my 10 years on DC used the kill option on a dragon, I've always felt so guilty. I finally did last night and got 2/5 zombies
  14. Definitely still there, I snagged one in a 5 min drop about an hour or so ago. I think just maybe not as frequent
  15. Thank you for that! I might need to have a field day with it
  16. I wish I knew this topic existed earlier. Might need to sit here from page one and go through it alllll! I only just learnt from this thread that Glystere's change colours. God help me lol
  17. LOL, I told myself that I'd probably just be referring to them as lures as well because the names are a bit complicated
  18. That's okay! I was worried to influence everything too, so I waited quite last minute and until other people had tested the theory.
  19. I influenced all of mine after other BSA's and they still turned out the colour I wanted
  20. They said bred breed, as in the Hybrid! Not the CB NR.
  21. If you do a one way transfer, it has to be successfully sent to someone before it can turn orange. The transfer can't be cancelled. Or, you can do a two-way and swap with someone so that you both get the colour orange just through one teleport. If you do it as a one-way, that person then has to use another teleport just to send it back.
  22. It's 4d3hr, I'll PM you. Thank you so much <33
  23. Would anyone be willing to help me precog one of my NR please? I only have one aeon which I've already used on one of the eggs but I want one more blue to create a pairing. It has 3 hours til it can hatch so I can transfer to someone who isn't egg locked right before it hatches to save them holding it too long and then have it sent back when hatched? Happy to bounce any eggs needed to create an orange variant etc
  24. They seem to drop only one in each of the 3 biomes in every 5 min intervals. If you don't see them, it's just because they're going quite quickly. But they're definitely there!
  25. I've missed over 5 new pages while sleeping. did I miss anything overly important?