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  1. Hiii! Welcome to the forums
  2. The male pose is my favourite, so I did my favourite breeds and pairings based off that. Tutela (White Cantor) https://dragcave.net/lineage/5y8Zz Pale Shumoga https://dragcave.net/lineage/vzJZk I'm also waiting on a Mirisia x Silver Tin to be sent my way which I'm super excited about they seem to go really well with prizes and shinies like silvers.
  3. Omg the code on the Lacula! Thank you
  4. Hey Zack! Nice to see you on the forums
  5. Oh man lol! So sorry xD Congratulations to you and Mew!
  6. AHHH hatchies 😭 so cute!! Congrats to Skywolf, Mewtie and Infi on super cute releases!
  7. I took these!! Thanks so much <33
  8. YAYYYY!! Lets get hunting ''This egg emanates a peculiar smell.'' - sorts between Mint and Misfit. (biteable) ''This tiny egg flashes in the sunlight.'' - sorts between Script and Seasonal.
  9. I took the other, thanks so much!