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  1. I might restart my Y. Do a Wonderlocke. My first Nuzlocke. It seems pretty fun. I've watched LPer's do it.
  2. Monochrome Pokemon? Seems pretty cool, texture glitches maybe? http://www.gamnesia.com/news/rumor-rare-mo...nd-y#ad-image-0
  3. I see... I need an Articuno or a Zapdos, aha. I doubt I'll be able too get one, though. Anyone have a male Clawitzer?
  4. Does anyone here have a feebas? I need one... Or, is feebas not obtainable yet?
  5. Taken from shofu's battle stream, as he got a shiny charizard holding its x stone. 364 Skiddo eggs hatched, and 101 Pumpkaboo encounters. No shinies yet. Found this in the GTS, for a Yvetal. Since I wasn't gonna use mine, and since I intend too restart my Y when I'm done[gonna send my shinies over to a trusted friend, then have them sent back too my restarted y], I traded it away. Totally worth it.
  6. It's an ugly green color, while Charizard Y keeps the same pallette as shiny charizard. 246 Skiddo eggs later, no shiny :c
  7. 15 eggs later, and I got my shiny Phantump! Now if only I could take a picture... Next up; Pumpkaboo, then Skiddo Horrible quality, sorry ;-;
  8. Shiny Gogoat got changed before the release of the game. That's pretty cool. /totally gonna shiny hunt it. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll be getting Y, and I'll be spending most of my time hunting for shinies in the grass, mostly shinies that I want.
  9. Gonna shiny hunt Fletchling, Skiddo and Phantump. I haven't seen many other 6th gen shinies that I like, but shiny Skiddo is my favorite out of the ones that I've seen.
  10. Shiny male Meowstic Shiny female. I prefer the shiny female, honestly.
  11. Mega Pinsir scares me... The only OST I like from X/Y is the Gym Theme. But Xerneas' cry is amazing.
  12. Off to a very slow start ;w;
  13. I still have yet to get a Fill party shiny.
  14. Still trying to get that Icy horsea shiny...
  15. I just joined today. It's a pretty cool site, but I'm still having trouble navigating around..
  16. I'm working on unlocking more acheivements so I can turn my Cypress-bred Tornadus into Therian forme.
  17. This... Took forever... It also didn't help that my internet died for 1-3 months ;w;
  18. I managed to get my 6 eggs(bred something earlier and decided to keep it), even though I had no internet, and had to use my phones WiFi tethering option. But, im glad I got my eggs <3 I also stopped posting my scroll around, and only post eggs in click sites when ER, due to a past history of people killing my eggs on purpose... Sorry to everyone who's eggs have died </3
  19. Actually, i have a question now. Is there a way to bypass gpxplus mobile on a non-mobile device? When im not on laptop, or 3ds, it would be great to use non-mobile gpxplus on my ps3. Which goes on other sites with no issue. But, when i try to go on gpxplus, it takes me straight to mobile and i cant get outta it becuz error code...
  20. Just one more shiny and I'll fill up my first ever shiny box :'D