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  1. I'm so happy! Woke up early due to the stupid summer heat, looked for new eggs, got six, bred all my six Morpho x GSD couples (without fertility) and got exactly two eggs, both new. So I'm happily egglocked and going back to sleep now. ☺ Thank you for the new release and good luck to all hunters!
  2. Ah ok, I had hoped it would show us more. 😊 Thank you very much! (To you as well, @Zimtie)
  3. Ah ok, that explains the 88. That means actions are really only "recent" and will only be saved for some time and will be deleted if one hasn't one anything for a while? Because last time I did anything was with the April release, and then I didn't do anything until the recent release, that's about four weeks. Yes, four weeks might be right, the last time I did sth was with the April release, so that would match up. So around four weeks then.
  4. It says my Action log has 88 pages. I can only view the first one though. The arrows for next/previous page or first/last page are grey so I can't click on them. Is there a limit on how many pages one can scroll back through one's history so that one can always only see the first page, or is it broken?
  5. Have: CB Cantormaris egg from coast Want: Swap for CB Cantormaris egg (to get teleport for orange), any biome Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Edit: Traded, thx!
  6. Doing this on my phone, so the cookies don't look very artistic. 😆 Will send to above.
  7. Oh the new egg is beautiful!!! Loving it already! And the cookie decorating is so much fun - I just did it in real life, too. Sending cookies to random people whenever I can. Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. The rainbow egg is so shiny!!! Love it! Got four of each. Happy Sunday. Thank you!!
  9. My fort/the game is suddenly not loading for me anymore. Nothing helps. I only get a blank page. I was done decorating it but I hope it still exists.
  10. I love all the forts I've seen here! So many great ideas! A lovely event, I had so much fun building my fort! I think I'm done now, I'm quite happy with this version. ☺
  11. Mine was kinda orange at one point and now it's blue as well. 😮 What I really need is more stone. I got rid of all weaponry and would just like to build more, but I can't move walls because they have to be repaired first and also can't add new ones. Just one new item of resources every hour which is also most often not stone is really not much to build a nice fort. 😕
  12. It's really difficult to play this on mobile. I've no other chance as I'm not home for the holidays. I'm at LVL 20 but I don't get any new resources on the hour so I can't build much. No ice and no timber so far. No idea how to do a hard refresh on mobile to clear the cache. Already deleted the browser history, logged out and in again, didn't work. :(
  13. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! Time flies. Playing this for so many years now, and I still love it. I was away this weekend but managed to catch a pair of eggs of every new dragon even on my mobile phone, so happy about that! The new trading system and the opportunity to "buy" dragons are also nice new features, can't wait to try them out. I'm also happy about the new sprites. I liked the old red dragon but the new one looks even better. And the seasonals have always been looking as if they don't really belong to the rest of the dragons (imho of course) and that
  14. Sending flowers and happy to get them (fav colour is orange, IGN is forum name)
  15. Hello there! Joining in and sending V-Day greeting to people in this thread! In case someone would like to send me some, my forum name is also my scroll name.
  16. What a beautiful event! I love to gather flowers and send out random V-Day greetings. And the new egg looks lovely! Can't wait to see mine hatch.
  17. Yay new eggs! Woke up early as I expected them today, with it being the last day of September after all, and there they were! Thank you to the spriters and to TJ! Got five of the ridged and three of the glassy ones. Not keeping a slot free for now, I can still release eggs later if I have to, but right now I really don't wanna lose these cute eggs, who knows if I can still get them later on! Hence I really hope that the green ones will be breedable alts.
  18. Never had sick hatchies before in my life but now I have two at once. And eggs I incubated at 4 days usually hatched immediately (and I could go and hunt for new ones). Two of the new eggs I incubated have still not hatched. They are a bit special, aren't they?
  19. I LOVE the mysterious message in the codes of TJ's eggs. Wondering what it could mean! 1this 2isnt 3even 4myyy 5final 6form
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DC! That's funny, I knew the birthday was coming up and checked the cave each morning and today.. I forgot about it. So I was quite surprised when I checked it just now. Thanks so much for the extra egg slot, this is much appreciated! As is the new BSA! Never won anything in raffles so let's see how that will turn out. Also, got one of each of the new eggs and then two more - couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone involved!