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  1. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: blazestarre
  2. I love it when people continue the name of a personal lineage I've been working on. http://dragcave.net/lineage/U0BD http://dragcave.net/lineage/PJYT This one is my favorite, though, with how many names were used. http://dragcave.net/lineage/rK7Q
  3. I've never seen a purple before, but yellows are extremely common from my experience.
  4. * Accept: * Accept: * Reject: hmm where have I seen this before, maybe twilight Uh, was I just accused of plagiarism or something? I've never read Twilight (at least haven't made it past the first few pages) and have never seen the movie. * Accept: Excellent! Great story, good detail. No errors found! Well done! Lady A. Yay!
  5. I personally don't breed them. I don't like the look of messy lineages and so don't prefer to continue them. The only exception would be rares, Thuweds, and Dorkfaces. However, I don't care if others breed them. That's their decision.
  6. I live in Iowa and the weather has always been bipolar. Right now, it's about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but two weeks ago it was about 25 degrees with snow flurries. The week before that? 60 degrees and sunny. At this time last year we already had snow. However, we've had enough precipitation in the past twelve months. Heck, we had five snow days my senior year of high school (aka last year). Where I'm from, there needs to be at least a foot of snow to get school to even be delayed, never mind canceled! We don't need any form of water right now! I do know it will get colder, much, much colder. January and February are our worst months, with the temperature dropping into single digits with wind chill that's below zero degrees.
  7. I'm a newbie when it comes to descriptions, but lately I've had inspiration to create stories for all my dragons. Here's one for my Magi, Titus Aelius: Not long after I submitted it, I received this comment: Yay! Someone liked it and had some sort of emotional reaction to it! I always appreciate comments like this about my writing.
  8. I own the parents to this dragon. Seeing this made me smile.
  9. I'd be a Daydream. My head is always in the clouds!
  10. I found the site through someone's Livejournal profile. I clicked the link, debated for a few days on whether I should join and finally said "Ah, what the heck?" Now, over 300 dragons later...
  11. I normally don't do this because most of the codes I get are extremely random, but the one time I did use the code, I was extremely giddy. This geode has the code HmIA. The first two letters really don't make anything, but when I saw the last two, I smiled. 'IA' is the abbreviation for the state of Iowa and the state rock of Iowa happens to be the geode. It was just an awesome coincidence that I had to use the code!
  12. To name my vampires, I usually find a vampire name generator and take ideas off of that. I do have surnames and I give the surname of the biter to the hatchling. So, in my mind, my vampires have formed two 'clans'. The interesting thing is they're kind of split by gender (the exception is Hesali Von Seggrern, who happens to be male but the rest of the clan is female.) The only one I influenced is Valentine Vondrak, so my mind is coming up with some type of story for this. Von Seggrern Clan: Circe Hesali Ceoni Lucretia Antionette Vondrak: Vladimir Valentine Damon I did pick up two vampire eggs after I started this whole thing. I just couldn't resist, but I didn't want to start making two more clans because then it could've been messy. So, I froze the hatchlings and gave them unique names. Caleb Frost Astra Crane
  13. I'm totally signing up for this! None of my blacks are CB and none really have amazing lineages, so I'm all for this. So, no breeding blacks for me!
  14. The longer I play this game, the more I care about inbreds. I don't really hate the, I just don't prefer them. If I notice that a dragon is inbred (or has a really long and/or messy lineage) as soon as I grab it from the AP, I'll abandon it right away. However, if I don't notice it or I'm planning to do something with the egg (like bite it), I'll keep it. I have quite a few grown or frozen inbreds on my scroll and I'm not about to get rid of them because of that.
  15. For the most part it doesn't bother me because I like all the dragons that happen to have the same description. On a day to day basis, I really don't care about what I get and it's kind of fun to see what I end up with. However, I can see how it could be annoying to people who are looking for specific breeds. I know I do sometimes and it does frustrate me when I end up with a horse dragon instead of a skywing. But I don't spend time working on many lineage projects. So, I guess you could say I'm pretty indifferent on the matter.
  16. Wow, the adults are just amazing! I need more!
  17. Yes, I can understand your pet peeve, so I apologize that I said 'British' in my other post. But really, the only accent I can actually name when I hear it is Scottish. I can't tell the difference between Welsh and English, so I just say British.
  18. I also say pop. When I took an accent test, I ended up with a Midwestern accent, which is good, since I'm from central Iowa! For the most part, I speak 'generic' American, though I grew up with a speech impediment so sometimes my r's and s's end up weird. I spent some time in Ireland and later England. For a while, I could do a decent imitations of an Irish accent and a British accent (I really don't know the different accents, but I was in London, so picked up on whatever it was I heard there.)
  19. What? DORKURTLE VALERIUS is evolving! Congratulations! Your DORKURTLE VALERIUS evolved into MAGIKARP BADGE! I finally got my badge! Whoo!
  20. I agree. That's never a good feeling. But what I think is worst is when someone freezes your dragons' offspring and then releases them. That always bothers me. But you can't really control what other players do. I think this is my favorite so far. What's really cool about it is the fact that this is the offspring of my first dragon AND the surname is the first one I came up with.
  21. About a forth of my dragons are unnamed. I'm slowly coming up with names, but I like to have a name that fits. I don't like giving them silly names, except for unbreedables and even those are really crazy.
  22. The closest dragon with my username is this Magi. Now, when it comes to my real name, however, I'm apparently either a Whiptail or a Daydream. Well, I guess my head has always been in the clouds anyway!
  23. Wow! This is cool! And a bit creepy. I almost expect to hear some creepy Halloween/horror film music, with the tombstones in there.
  24. I only grabbed two when I started, a Daydream and a Deep Sea. I mainly grabbed them because they looked unique compared to the others. Later I got a Neotropical and a Black.