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  1. I sure love the new tombstone. Thank you for all the new updates.
  2. I manage to kill one of the dragon that dodged last year. The other still dodge the blade this year. But I find it very hard to get my hatchies viewbomb this time round. they are still not dying or sick. Oh well have to fogged till death.
  3. Thank you for the new eggs TJ
  4. So, that's what happened to my kid's scroll. She was happily grabbing the eggs from the AP and it was gone when she woke up in the morning (our time). She traced it and found 2 of the eggs in someone else's scroll. Its a good thing those eggies were for her freezing project. Oh well, just one of those things.
  5. Its still taking ages to get a successful summon.
  6. No worries. Thanks for getting it sorted out.
  7. TJ, thanks for letting us know about it. I'm so glad that I can finally slow down some and catch up.
  8. Cool. Liking the new stuff that has rolled out and the future implementations. I would say a 6 months period before a scroll becomes inactive should be ok. JMO
  9. Is it due to the cave downtime? Or is it me?
  10. WOW. 2 releases. Awesome. Thanks so much for advance notice. DC team rocks!
  11. I'm also getting the same weird page.
  12. They are so pretty!! My Fav drakes
  13. Awesome!! Thanks so much.
  14. What plant is the ??? seed? Is it special? Of course, now that I've planted it... I do not know where it is.
  15. Why is that I don't even have 1 mushroom seed? weird huh?
  16. I've got some cards and they are all the standard messages. And I love them all. At least I got cards this year. Even though they are all in DC.
  17. I totally agree. Why can't all my inbreed metalics become CB. It would be awesome if it happens
  18. My flowers are taking ages to grow....... *poke flowers* I wanna start sending. This should be fun
  19. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! How many seeds are there altogether? Anyone?
  20. Yippee!! No more limits, plus new eggie. Thanks TJ and spriters.
  21. Gifting this AP find -> Add me to your collection Enjoy