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  1. I completed day three yesterday but it seems to have started over again for me today. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. I absolutely love all of these! It's hard to choose a favorite! Thank you artists!
  3. Offered on the tsunami Leaving: CB duotone hatchling - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Taking: CB Moonstone Hatchling Leaving: 2G avatar of creation: Bronze Shimmer: CB Hatchling: All gone, enjoy!
  5. Category: Breeder Title of Record: Breeder with the most Tsunami Wyverns Name of Submittant (forum name): darkflowernightshade Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/darkflowernightshade Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/user/darkflowernightshade What has changed?: I now have 358 adult Tsunami Wyverns. All Tsunami Wyverns have alon Buluek in their names except for 3.
  6. Has anyone here completed the national pokedex? I'm really close to completing it but I need the dex data for Deoxys, Arceus, and Meloetta. If anyone can help I'd be really grateful.
  7. Just caught a shiny Dedenne in a friend safari, now I have two thanks to a friend who traded me one earlier. Now to see if I can get another.
  8. So close to having the Kalos pokedex complete. The last three I need only evolve through trading however. Kalos dex is now complete. Thanks water_angel!
  9. I wasn't expecting it, I was just running back and forth in some grass on route 11 looking for dedenne when I encountered the nidoran horde, one of them just happened to be shiny.
  10. I just caught a shiny nidoran! It's not the shiny I wanted but I finally found one.
  11. I happened to trade for two shinies (absol and delphox) but I have yet to catch/hatch one on my own. I've got about six boxes full of dedenne so far. If anyone would like one of my extra dedenne let me know, some of them are infected with the pokerus.
  12. I don't but if you need a ditto I have some extras that I can send your way.
  13. Hearing all about these increased shiny encounters gives me hope that I'll find my own shiny soon. In the mean time I'll be infecting my pokemon with the pokerus that I got from a pokemon on the GTS. I'll make sure to at least have one pokemon with it for when I find a shiny dedenne.
  14. Trainer name: Raven Friend Code: 0232-8837-4038 (please let me know if you add me so I can add you back!) Game version: Pokemon X, I also have Y but I'm saving that for winter break. Pokemon I can offer: Dedenne with their hidden abilities, other pokemon x exclusives. Pokemon I need/seeking: Milotic My Vivillon pattern is: N/A (haven't evolved a vivillon yet) My Friend Safari type is: Electric My Friend Safari Pokemon are: helioptile, emolga, zebstrika (Thanks Rhynn!) Trades only, or trades and gift giving?: I love to trade and gift. Times I am/am not available to log on: Mostly on during the weekends, sometimes I am on during the evenings during the week. Accepting battle challenges?: Certainly, when I'm not hatching eggs. Recent events and changes to my lists: Recent event: I happened to trade for a pokemon with the pokerus and am currently infecting my pokemon with it. If anyone wants the pokerus let me know. Shiny dedenne obtained! Thank you so much Raff!
  15. Managed to trade for one undecided egg and was gifted a second one. Hopefully I can grab the opal ones.