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I accept and give IOU's. Tinsel and Shimmer Listsdarkflowernightshade.png 33nw5tv.png ARK2-1.gifMy Wishlist Taking shimmerscale requests and seeking shimmer swaps. Currently seeking: CB/2G PB Tsunami Wyverns, silver shimmer x tsunami wyverns

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    Amazing people I've met here:
    Rubin (thanks for gifting me my first tinsel!)
    happymom (thank you for helping me out on so many projects!)
    ElayneDragonLover (thank you for my first CB silver!)
    Vhale (thank you for my first CB gold!)
    countless of others

    Thanks everyone, you all rock!

    See something you like? Feel free to PM me and I'll try breeding it for you. :)

    Details for Newbies on requesting a shimmer via Newbie Gifting Project:
    1. No dead eggs/hatchlings on your scroll.
    2. Please PM me politely in regards to getting on the list. All Newbie gifting rules apply.
    3. Must be willing to give the first shimmer offspring back to the Newbie Gifting thread or via another gifting thread.
    4. Offspring must be named.
    5. If you agree to these terms then mention your favorite holiday at the end of your PM.
    6. NGP Request must be in the title of your PM.

    Sigam - Holly egg from Dazzling Flame Thuwed
    herandi - Hellhorse (2/4), Soul Peace (1/4)
    Raff - 2nd gen Silver from Silver x Royal Crimson [no egg]

    Alt Vine
    Neglected (maybe one day)

    Breeding Wishlist (for breeding projects):

    Black Marrow (CB male Marrow x CB female Moonstone), (CB male Moonstone x CB female Marrow)

    Always likes:
    Tsunami Wyverns
    Bleeding Moons
    Red-finned Tidals

    to have equal amounts of male and females for each breed

    Breeding lists

    5th gen Moonstone x GW checker:
    1. ---
    2. ---
    3. ---
    4. ---
    5. ---

    5th gen Tsunami x Sunset checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen BBW x Snow Angel checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Autumn x Snow Angel checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Marrow x Terrae checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Marrow x Tsunami checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Marrow x Tsunami checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Moonstone x Marrow checker:
    1. ---

    3rd gen Marrow x Moonstone checker:
    1. ---

    8th Even gen PB Tsunami:
    1. ---
    2. ---
    3. ---
    4. ---

    Gold: (currently closed)
    1. Yomamoto
    2. ---
    3. ---