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  1. No the green speckled one and the one with stars is part of Mod Madness, not the Festival of Eggs. Festival of Eggs has the little Easter basket at the top of the scroll page.



    >.> I do hope I answered what you were asking.

    Ahh, that is goon to know xd.pngD

    thanks for answering!

    Now youve made me curious; what is mod madness or other???

  2. Yes, you can see them on other people's scrolls. But that doesn't get them any views or clicks. Take into notice you can't click on them and they don't have a page.

    No, I mean ON the scroll (I know the difference lmao), isnt the green speckled one part of it? and the hatchling covered in stars?

    http://dragcave.net/view/QEFd (sorry if anyone thinks I am trying to get it clicks, it is only for question purposes.)