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  1. exactly! it would waste all their time; ours included...
  2. ok :3 so it was like the Nocturne & Electric dragons?
  3. So theyre basically rare ones? (I never see new eggs)
  4. All I understandis that the Easter one is an event - limited time whats the difference between a regular egg in the cave and mod eggs?
  5. Ahh, that is goon to know D thanks for answering! Now youve made me curious; what is mod madness or other???
  6. No, I mean ON the scroll (I know the difference lmao), isnt the green speckled one part of it? and the hatchling covered in stars? http://dragcave.net/view/QEFd (sorry if anyone thinks I am trying to get it clicks, it is only for question purposes.)
  7. but I see them on other peoples scrolls :S ex. http://dragcave.net/user/DarkdragoonXHybrid
  8. Can the eggs hatch? If so how? How can i get clicks for them? Does the event run untill the end of the 5th?