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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Er...there is a glitch because I have over the limit of 2. I just kept opening new tabs trying to get my 2, and I ended up with 6! I hope not all of them get abandoned and only 4 of them get booted.
  2. I'm super glad that I managed to catch all of mine an hour after they first started dropping. I'm mainly glad I got these eggs because I unfortunately forgot the Halloween egg drop for this year was moved to a different day, so...guess who didn't get any Halloween eggs this year?
  3. I love the "Neglected" horses! Thanks for the awesome costumes and events everyone!
  4. I have new Dragons! Forum name: eterniawolf New Frozen Hatchlings: ocbAt gjiiM 8vbb5 EoNlW hEmf5 cJ4To eqMtQ New Adult Dragons: NONE Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry6404724
  5. I have new Dragons! Forum name: eterniawolf New Frozen Hatchlings: SpcIX G9fsO tXluB QnVl3 c7Jbv WL2JV X9J3c New Adult Dragons: None Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=S...20#entry6404724
  6. I have new Dragons! Forum name: eterniawolf New Frozen Hatchlings: vsCmU PqCeM IpdS3 dIBf6 gg9G2 New Adult Dragons: fmZku MtXfT HOqs4 Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry6404724
  7. I have new Dragons! Forum name:eterniawolf New Frozen Hatchlings:nX9s5 qIWHr 6td04 5MVVq Dlk0A G784v abvDR New Adult Dragons:NONE Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry6404724 By the way, my username is now on all my dragons so my first batch in this post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=6413014 should be eligible now.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to switch it on. My username now appears on my dragon's pages.
  9. I have new Dragons! Forum name: eterniawolf New Frozen Hatchlings: MgYIp, tJhQW, KXX36, 9cvXo, grLvS New Adult Dragons: None Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=S...20#entry6404724
  10. That summoning news makes me so happy! All the updates sound good though! Thanks TJ!
  11. Mine is 556217. Found it through my verification mail from oh so long ago.
  12. I just picked up a beautiful egg with the code N0suE. This baby will definitely be named No Sue when it hatches, lol. Put a place holder dragon with the name for now until it hatches. Has an awesome lineage too. Too bad it's a purple ridgewing instead of a tan.
  13. I'd like to join! Join Date: 7/9/2012 Forum Name: eterniawolf Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/eterniawolf PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=54533 Proof I read the Rules: I Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult): Frozen 1. MgYIp Balloon, Frozen 2. tJhQW Electric, Frozen 3. KXX36 Magi, Frozen 4. 9cvXo Whiptail, Frozen 5. grLvS Whiptail, Frozen 6. nX9s5 Grey, Frozen 7. qIWHr Horse, Frozen 8. 6td04 Horse, Frozen 9. 5MVVq Neotropical, Frozen 10. Dlk0A Neotropical, Frozen 11. G784v Neotropical, Frozen 12. abvDR Neotropical, Frozen 13. vsCmU Skywing, Frozen 14. PqCeM Canopy, Frozen 15. IpdS3 Horse, Frozen 16. dIBf6 Nocturne, Frozen 17. gg9G2 Stone, Frozen 18. SpcIX Terrae, Frozen 19. G9fsO Balloon, Frozen 20. tXluB Grey, Frozen 21. QnVl3 Green, Frozen 22. c7Jbv Harvest, Frozen 23. WL2JV Neotropical, Frozen 24. X9J3c Skywing, Frozen 25. ocbAt Deep Sea, Frozen 26. gjiiM Green, Frozen 27. 8vbb5 Harvest, Frozen 28. EoNlW Magi, Frozen 29. hEmf5 Neotropical, Frozen 30. cJ4To Pink, Frozen 31. eqMtQ Spitfire, Frozen Adults 1. fmZku Spitfire, Adult 2. MtXfT Water Walker, Adult 3. HOqs4 Water Walker, Adult
  14. I'm glad I managed to get 3 waves and 3 sunlights on this hourly drop. Just exactly what I wanted. After these guys hatch and mature, I'm going to work on getting more CB purples before I breed my spitfires again, because my purples are terrible linage wise.
  15. For once, I wasn't here for a release. And I tried breeding my spitfires and purple, and nothing. Awesome. Well, hopefully I can get the other two. Hopefully the white and gold one isn't rare.
  16. Got a Turpentine with this code 8MiOn. I immediately thought of Mion from Higurashi. Too bad this code wasn't on a green colored dragon. That would have been more fitting.
  17. I just realized I've been trying to summon since March of 2011. A whole year has passed of trying to summon...and I didn't even know it. Time flies when you fail and fail, and fail again. Hopefully whatever this rework is will fix the problem. I'd love to finally have a GoN.
  18. I had to totally see what sort of joke was made this year, lol. It would be nice to see Dino Cave actually exist after today though.
  19. I honestly don't remember. It might have been through Gaia Online. I know that's how I've found places like Dragon Cave before. If not that, I might have been looking up dragons or something and came across this. I know I used to do a lot of searching on dragon stuff in the past.
  20. Your Forum name: eterniawolf Your Scroll name: eterniawolf The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): Egg type: Nocturne Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 11:50AM Time of Death: 12:00 pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0 Hatched normally.
  21. I really haven't been on DC that long compared to others, as you can tell by my forum join date. Which actually, I joined DC 2 weeks before I joined the forums. However, I still remember my first release that was shortly after I joined DC. It was when the Electric, Canopy, Nocturne and Two-Finned Blunas were released. For like, a week the cave had nothing but the new dragons, and you couldn't get anything else but the new releases, lol. I remember how frustrated I was because I wanted to get other eggs because I was still a newbie. At least I was here before the Frills became retired. So I still have a male, female, and a frozen. I just wish I could have been here for the old pinks.
  22. I finally managed to get 1 Golden Wyvern yesterday, but I had to trade for it. This is the first time I've had trouble catching a new normal release on DC.
  23. Congrats to the winners! No email for me, but that's okay. Happy New Year everyone!
  24. Oh wow! The adult is beautiful! I think this might be the first year where I don't freeze the hatchling...the adult is too beautiful!
  25. I don't have one, but I have seen 7 of them on the AP so far. Maybe, just maybe I'll get lucky and get one.