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  1. I guess I haven't caught that one yet, but that would be awesome! I absolutely love the eggs I have gotten so far, even if I only get half the references. Also, I love the one with the flying electrons, thanks a lot for that!
  2. It's been a while, but still thank you for this amazing lineage, @Herk !
  3. @Herk Thanks nevertheless for the reply and clarification.
  4. Is there a way I have not thought of to obtain Vampire's without a "bitten by"? I would love some for a personal lineage project, but I could not think of something. So in case I missed something I'd be more than happy if someone pointed it out to me. :)
  5. I just found this lovely lunar in the cave as an incuhatchable - thank you @tjenni!
  6. Is it okay to name a dragon "I might only have one match" and his partner "but I can make an explosion"? They are supposed to be quotes fromt the song "Fight song" by Rachel Platten, but a friend of mine just pointed out that this might come sensitive to someone, considering what's happening in the world at the moment. I myself would not think so, but I thought I'd rather check. Thanks in advance! --edit: Thank you for the answer, @The Dragoness
  7. I could, if you can temporarily take one of my eggs in return, cause I'm egg-locked right now.
  8. So, I just discovered that there's actually a thread for what I hang on to DC for. ^^ Forum name: NightEagle Lineages you made: Dovahkiin Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes! Happily do so! This is the only lineage I finished so far, having about four or five more I'm working on and twenty or more I am planning - there's just so much good music out there.
  9. I updated my list. Never would I have thought, that getting flowers would work so quick, thank you so much everyone - I am actually starting to think I might still get them all. Any and all help is much, much appreciated. Anyway, thanks a lot, and of course I am also still sending out flowers! Edit: Well, than... that happened. O.o Thank you so, so much everyone who just helped me get all those flowers in about half a day, especially to those helping during the last 15 minutes, that was awesome! I'll keep sending till I fall asleep at my keyboard.
  10. Heyo, thank you so much for all the flowers I've gotten so far - that was amazing! Still missing quite a lot, though... Stinging Nettle, Hybi, Wind Crucifer, Fever Flower, Gloriosa, Lantana, Deathstalk, Grass flower, Milkweed Thistle, Heliotrope, Lotus, Firebloom, Blue lily, Soulglow Bell, Butterbowl, Blue Creeper, Pinwheel, Lesser Celandine, Kittytongue, Feather aechmea, Tremordew, Kingbloom, Stoneflower, Snapdragon, Hero's Lily, Ridgebloom, Dragoneyes, Talon Vine, Cashmere Flower, Redbud, Aurora Snowflake, Chrysanthemum, Coastal Daisy, Gale Blossom, Fuscia, Flowering Echeveria, Water Lily, Spiral Lily I just realised how much it actually is... I am seriously happy about everything. And of course you'll get one back, and in case you like a special book, film, universe,... reference it, and I'll do the same! Edit: You are AMAZING! I updated the post with flowers I already got. Edit 2: Updated again, thanks so much everyone!
  11. I am kind of late to the party... Well, but I would love to get some flowers! And of course I'll be sending out some as well! Edit: You are awesome, I just got so many great flowers! Guess now I actually have to make myself a sheet of the ones I am missing... Thank you so much, everyone!
  12. So, I'm mostly working on lineages where the dragons are named by song lyrics, and I'm not sure about how much "violence" and death is okay. -> Can I name a dragon "Patricide" (or, as the name is already given to a dragon, a variant with Spaces somewhere in there, like "Patri cide" or "P atricide")? (I thought I had more I wanted to ask, but I don't remember now... Well.)
  13. So, TJ stated in another thread that DC does not depend on cloudflare (or something alike, I'm not sure what his exact words were). My problem now is: I do use NoScript, but generally allow skripts for dragcave.net. The site works fine in most regards, but without allowing skripts from cloudflare.com I am not able to do any custom sorting, fertility does not work and I do not see the scrolling cave background on my scroll. Is this the same for anyone else, or is there any short idea how I can get that part working if the reason it does not work isn't actually the blocked cloudflare.com-Skript?
  14. I do not by any means want to enforce a discussion on this - but I do indeed need to allow cloudflare.com to do any custom sorting, as well as to be able to have the scrolling background in the cave. Is this the same for anyone else, or is there any short idea how I can get that part working if the reason it is not working isn't actually the blocked cloudflare.com-Skript? Edit: Thanks for any answers in advance, of course!
  15. For some reason I really like Nhiostrife x Frill - I think I have to do that one.^^ Also looking good in my opinion is male Frill x female Winter. Well, this will have to wait before being tried. And they look good with whites, I think. But for some reason nearly everything looks good with whites.
  16. Not to sure, but for me I think it shows the two new sprites on the left, and the third on the right is the old sprite. I think?
  17. Happy 10th birthday, DC. Well, if this isn't a wonderful update! When I read the first paragraph I kept checking that it isn't actually the 1st April or something and it would be just a joke, but no, it's for real - frills are back! I joined the cave propably two months before they were discontinued and was a little sad I never managed to get CB ones... Well, here they come. And the dimorphism looks beautiful, imo. Not to sure what I think about the new lineage design, it will definitely take some time to get used to.^^ It's not bad, I actually like it - but I feel like it makes checker-lineages, especially lyric ones, a little bit less beautiful than before. Still the design itself is awesome, I think. For the rest of the update - absolutely love it! The background art for the biomes is beautiful (and actually helpful, because I always forget in which biome I am.^^), the map looks nice, although, to be honest, I never really look at it, and the new zombie sprites are amazing. It will be hell to collect all of them... For my dragons as well. So, thank you, and I hope all of you can enjoy this as I do currently.^^
  18. I do keep quite detailed recordings on my breedings since over a year (starting Feb 2015), and looking at the data I got from there most pairings which decide to give me me "no interest" on a regular base do so for the first time within the first two weeks. I keep breeding them together nevertheless, and often get an egg out of them after some time. In my breedings I don't see the tendency of pairings "growing tired" of each other, but then again I don't breed that much so this can just be a rough interpretation. Looking at my stats it seems to be an individual thing though and nothing which is happening between two specific breeds in general.
  19. Would "Brain in the Gut" be okay as a name? (Referring to the code of the dragon, which has "gut" in it). For me it's a medical term, but someone just pointed out to me it might sound... a little bit crazy, so I thought I'd better ask. ^^ Edit to say Thanks, SockPuppet Strangler
  20. No, I don't - I definitely should have enough space. ^^ And I also did not release any of my trio, I think I would remember if I would have had more than one at some point. Just to be sure - are summon tries shown in the action log? Would be nice if someone could confirm this. Because like this I really could be sure it's not that (although I actually am, but you never know what your sleepy self does at some points... ) Thanks for the help, though!
  21. Yes, I'm actually quite sure the cooldown has ended - I tried for the last time on the 25th March and forgot until now. I don't know if unsuccessful summon tries are actually shown in the action log, but I checked back in there and also couldn't find any summon tries since the 11th April (which is how far my log goes back right now). Also I thought in this case there would be a sentence like "you can try again in ... days", or do I remember that wrong? I don't know anymore.^^ The page says that out of a limit of three for GoNs I do have one at the moment. So there should be still place for two more.
  22. No. I'm having four eggs and one hatchling right now.
  23. I'm sure this has a really easy answer, but I cannot find the reason right now, so here's my question: Why is the option to summon greyed out for me? Things I thought about which are not the case: -Summoning in the last two weeks -having three GoNs -not having one of each of the elementary trio What else could grey out the option to summon? Because I guess there is a reason. Thanks for answers in advance. ~NE