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Mostly on hiatus, because there's real life and broken things and stuff.

I breed and collect outcome of Lyrical lineages.

Currently looking for Female Mageias and Male Horses (CB) for my next project!


Usually I am IOU-friendly. Sorry for my bad English - it's not my first language...

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    Mostly on hiatus, because there's also real life and broken things and stuff.
    Hi there - that's me, NightEagle. (:
    Just PM me, if I can breed anything for you. I don't have much apart from my gold shimmer "Eagle", but I'm happy if I can help out, and mostly breed for free - This does NOT apply to Eagle and her descendants, I'm sorry. In this cases, you may PM me, but be prepared for a "no", as I have some personal projects going on.
    If I caught any eggs you accidentally abandoned (or repulsed Vamps) feel free to PM me. (:
    There's not much to tell about me - I'm most active in descripdoom on Discord (you might find me there), also I'm an occasional reviewer (I'm the one that signs with ~NE).
    Have fun playing! (: (And may the golds be ever in your favour and the RNG with you... something like that. :P)