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  1. sorry,but You're wrong, there's a big problem here in Germany with BSL. try searching *listenhunde* http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategorie:Listenhund www.listenhunde.de owning a mastiff or a stafford can be a real problem, depending where You live.many communities tax those listenhunde double or triple the amount of others.. if you are allowed to keep them at all. on top of that , each bundesland has different lists, so a dog thats illegal in bavaria might be perfectly legal in Niedersachsen or vice versa. its stupid, stupid, stupid one of these days i'll probably start a new line of grays --> great danes *g*
  2. finished *g* ..that was quite some marathon, especially with the cave down, but it was worth it . really nice eggs, thanks to all the artists
  3. I just got around to breeding my terrae. Choose mastiffs because up to 28 Aug. 2010 we had one... *sigh* BSL Mastiff Furonia
  4. "I, Severus_S, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" I only ever killed one egg by accident with an earthquake (my first and last try at that particular BSA :-( ), no killed hatchlings or dragons. I have a few vampires from the AP and i'm not interested in zombies or neglecteds *g*.-.prefer my animals alive and healthy *g* (Yeah..i know they're just pixels...but the whole point of the game is to assume those are live dragons, needing care, isn't it? *g*) btw, i've been reading about a graveyard? Would anyone have a link for me?
  5. i found the voting.. finally.. but theres a lot of stuff left round my tree that i didnt wnat there *sigh* no chance grmmff. but i'm busy voting *g*
  6. *wondering* .o0( might there be a honorable mention for ugliest tree? I could go for that one....)
  7. I saved them.. http://drachenhoehle.krahfik.de/viewtopic....942e151d93#p754
  8. at least i SAW two hollies, so I know now they aren't just a DC myth :-(( but getting one? impossible.. seems my connection is just two slow to get the rarer types.. .. i am frustrated :-(.. neither gold, nor silver, nor paper, nor thunderstorm,nor dinos..... i really feel like whining all over the forum ;-) well i hope teleport will solve some of this for me ;-)
  9. my 5 cents, even though i'm not very active in the forum *g*. - i'd like to see more organization in the site discussion. split the subfora a bit more up perhaps, to have the whole thing more clearly arranged e.g under breeding: one forum Lineages one forum General Questions about breeding something like that, to make things easier to find. with searchwords that are very VERY common, the search doesn't help because there are to many results coming up. - re mature forum. I am not sure this is needed here, at least in my opinion. it seems to me rather family oriented, plus its a forum relating to and supporting an online game, so i don't see the necessity of having a subsection for mature content. wouldnt people , that feel the need to discuss certain topics really discuss them here and not rather find a forum specially suited to that interests where there would be more people with the same interests/problems? also there might be legal problems as to how access for minors to mature content should be restricted? having people verify their age would probably mean a lot of work for the mods. wouldn't the only reliable method be to demand something like a permit from the parents for those underage ? i cannot imagine it would be possible without lots of paperwork involved. - as has been said before, some different boards styles would be nice, like dark grey or black or maybe seasonal styles.(which i wouldn't use, but i a a board admin myself and most people just love seasonal styles *g*.. bah..humbug *g*) -if its possible for this board software, a *thank you* mod would be nice, that is, having a button under each post, which people can klick if they found said post helpful. if people klicked thank you, it would say something like "333 people want to thank user xyz for this post" - as for the hidden group for artist, i didnt realize there was one, but i think its helpful to have such closed spaces. i would imagine many users giving input on a developmental stage would be rather counterproductive?..and sometimes , well, you just need an area where you can vent off steam ;-).
  10. renaming came in really handy *G*, thanks for the updates.
  11. my first bred lineage egg hatched, gendered.. and i gave it a male name instead of female *g*. seems renaming will be right on time for me *g*
  12. i just started breeding 2 cb terrae . the egg hasnt hatched yet, but ist going to be my first *g* probably going to be named something like severus BSL Mastiff terraneus/a.
  13. thanks, and now to look for a suitable pair;-)
  14. thanks for letting me join, now i have just one more question. do i have to start with a cb that is named according to lineage rules, bsl race name, or can i start with caveborns i have and naming their offspring? sorry for sounding stupid, but this is the first time i'm having anything to do with lineages and breeding *g* edit: forgot... does the name have to start with BSL or is ist ok to name something like Severus' BSL Mastiff ? as a sidenote: i dont know if anyone mentioned, i didnt have time yet to read through all the thread, pugs are probably listed because they are closely related to mastiff and are also are a molossoid breed.
  15. Can I join? I think its an excellent idea, here in Germany and many other European countries we do have BSL. (and different ones in different states on top of that), even though its been proven, that listed dogs arent any more dangerous than unlisted, like eg german shepherds. much more accidents with shepherds, than with listed dogs. when it was first introduced lots of dogs were abandonned or even killed, ended up in shelters for the rest of their lives. i took a ca 14 year old staffordshire terrier that had been abandonned in the forest. and we had a in all probability purebreed old english mastiff that had been abandonned infront of a shelter at night. http://picasaweb.google.com/Ortrun.Dey/Hun...251401127458706 i am an abolute novice at breeding, but i'll try and read through the rules,
  16. this sounds so great, finally i' ll have a chance at getting gold and silver..
  17. lagmonster took a break and I sneked into the cave and caught 3 in 10 minutes....pooh...what a stress on a holiday
  18. This is simply frustrating, database error, or already taken. I am depressed:-((((
  19. not funny, this lag.....its so hard to dcathc new releases.. ist not fun anymore :-(