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  1. USA. Central Texas.... lots of cactus... and drought currently.
  2. So THAT'S the chicken trick!! 40/40 YAY this was lots of fun, thank you to all those who helped make it
  3. Hmmm... I have 39/40 and gotten my badge already, but the rainbow chicken remains in hiding..... hmm..
  4. Definitely seconded! *pokes Monday with a stick*
  5. *poof* *pokes windows* You are a very mean computer... OMG PEANUT'S BACK?!! O-O *flyingtackle* You have very good timing, by the way, Peanut ;3
  6. *pokes head back in nervously before hiding behind DP* .................it's been so long since I was here O_O @DP: If Peanut isn't here, how would I go about reviving, like.. Wolfkit and Trick? And Wisepaw and all the others A lot of mine were talking with Peanut's charries and others' charries and stuff...
  7. -pulls head out of book- I'd like to join I'm finishing one shortly and will post the form then.
  8. Moondapple brushed her tail against Hazepaw's flank as she trotted on. Finally they reached the border, and Moondapple signaled her apprentice to stop as they neared the river. As was expected, it was raging past, bits of wood and debris floating down it and out of sight. "What can you scent?" She asked Hazepaw. ThunderClan was directly in front of them. A twig snapped as a striped tom darted out of the trees in ThunderClan's territory, chasing a rabbit. Skidding to a stop inches from the river, he seemed to realize that might not be the safest place, and took a step back. The rabbit bounded a
  9. Oooh, happy 5th DC!! I'm unlocked, but I haven't seen any of the new eggs yet. *goes to stalk the cave*
  10. "Artickit, relax!" Despite their situation, Wolfkit laughed a little bit and licked the younger cat on the ear. "I certainly don't like it, but maybe Mint's right." Her eyes flashed up in quick glance of hatred at the other rogues. "If we join them, we'll know what their planning and we'll be prepared if they turn on us. A-and we might be safer to get some rest without worrying if they're creeping up behind us, we'll know where they are." She looked down for a few seconds, but then her usual self was back. "Mint?" She sat down beside him, wincing and shuffling around a bit to get her leg situa
  11. @Stun: When I started in 2010 with my first 3 chars(Wolf and her siblings) Wisepaw originally had the name of Starkit - but it got changed, but both Starkit and Wisekit were on the list X3 So I just started playing Starkit since he was on there as my char XDDD I like the personality I made for him, half-like wolf and half of his own personality mixed. X3 *goes to revive the IC thread*
  12. 53/53 eggs!! Yay!! ^^ Last year I only got like 24-30 so *happydance*
  13. I started riding western style when I was 3, so 10 years of riding on May 5th. We have 10 horses, several of which are mine, and several donkeys and a mule(lol). From left to right, Mac and Sly. Mac is a yearling, and Sly is 2, I just started training them both. They're POA geldings, quarter horse mothers. They both have good racing and performance lines. I barrel race on Rip(aka Bearly Boy), Gray(aka Eye Opener Sail), and we also have Tinkerbell, Hollywood, and Maggie, Spazzy and Bucky. And of course Mac and Sly, but technically they're POAs so lol. ^^ Plus the donkeys Poncho, L
  14. Lol, nice explanation of how CPA started Kandycat X3 Good idea for this thread Lagie! :3
  15. Ooooh, sounds like fun! Count me in!! *goes to stalk the AP for blacks*
  16. Leopardpelt's kits? Boltkit and Fullkit. The third is actually deceased Rippleleaf's that she's raising as her own, Mintkit. ^^ Mint is Female and the other two are Male. :3 Should I get a new name for Moonshine? Cause I forgot about Moondpaple already having that name lol... Brightshine? Soulshine? (I like soulshine) *goes to see what names are taken already*
  17. I would love this even more if the mate's name was listed on the view page ^^ I could certainly use this, I've made breeding mistakes such as those olympe mentioned ^^
  18. I'm embroidering a bib for my soon-to-be-born baby cousin, I'll take a pic of my progress tonight :3
  19. oops I can change the name @peanut: sorry X3 *blushes* I'll edit that post... I didn't catch that, sorry
  20. You should make a carrot cave badge X3 Thanks for all the pretty badges silverstreak! <8
  21. Thanks :3 Username: LightningRip Name: Moonshine Gender: female Age: 30 moons Clan: ShadowClan Position: warrior/queen Description: Silver fur like the moon, with blue eyes. Personality: ~RPed out~ History: Born and raised in ShadowClan. Other: Likes Raindance(silverfur's brother) Password: StarClan *auto-approved* :3 Btw, Ghostwisp and Braveheart's kit Chocolatekit is sweepea825, but Chocolatekit is aloud as a name? How do cats know what Chocolate is? lololol ETA: OH, and Silken when your here, can Starkit be made and apprentice alongside Shi
  22. Leopardpelt led her kits out of the nursery. They'd been pestering her endlessly to come outside, and finally she'd relented. Trotting over to Lightnose, she flicked her kit on the ear as it pounced on a leaf. "They've been restless in the nursery and I finally let them come outside." She smiled until she noticed a skinny kit at Lightnose's feet. "My goodness, you poor thing!" She licked the kit's ear. Rogue scent. "She looks starving... I was going to eat this, but you certainly need it more than I." She nudged a fish towards the kit. Starkit skidded to a stop beside Shine. He had been l
  23. Correction: Mysticpaw is done, Splashpaw should go to StarClan, and Songpaw is looooong dead and should be in StarClan.
  24. Well, Mysticpaw and Splashpaw are dead, I don't know if those have been changed yet though..