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  1. I, Eclipseheart, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. OPnUp (OPnUp) will remain pacified. Cis-Gendered (CISsI) will remain enraged.
  2. YAY!!! Have fun everyone! I'm totally lost in the game lol If a few people need help will hollies, check the departures! I dump a LOT there.
  3. Woah woah woah your coloring is so great! I wish I knew how to hair like that </3 I especially L O V E the third pic!
  4. Aaa! Thank you so much! I honestly had no idea what I was doing with the hair ^^; Saaammmee OCs are gr8 <3
  5. This is my faun OC, Barley. He's going to be designed into shirts! In the process of coloring right now.
  6. I'll be posting wips and such here, the occasional finished piece and what not. I started drawing a week ago after 37 weeks of not drawing and my improvement was astounding so I think I'll continue! OH HEY GUYS, I forgot. If you wanna request you can do so~ I might decline but typically I'll always accept lol Pls help me be a better artist, much thank.
  7. FINALLY completed a four month long IOU, praise the lord.
  8. 1. Swimming boys are great 2. Pink-haired boys are great 3. Boys are great
  9. Is breathing necessary? *sigh* I'm just... Feeling weird. Can't exactly put my finger on it either, but it's not pleasant.
  10. Woke up to find someone tried to viewbomb my CB Metal and my Caligene hatchlings... LOL SYKE, I check if my eggs/hatchlings are in nurseries constantly. They still have more views that I'd have liked them to. A win for a win I guess.
  11. No one will help me get a 2G Desipis from Birdz's Dragons to match my PB 2G from Pie e_e even though I'm offering NDs OTL
  12. Just got a CB Silver.... I'm a little in shock, a few weeks ago it was a CB Gold and now this?! DC is going to kill me from excitement! Also picked up a chicken that is promptly going to be gifted~ I gifted two CB Xenos today too ^^ I feel like I'm doing good deeds and it's nice.
  13. Ah the elusive smokey eye....no fair ; u ; I can never get the darn things on right. I always look rather dead after applying ahah but I am also really pale and know nothing of contouring, so there's that. And yes. Your brows, what do you use? I bought this little eyebrow pomade thing from Walmart the other day and it was okay I guess, but when applied I looked completely and utterly ticked off x: I'm usually one for just primers/foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and Peri Pera lip tint in shade Cherry. As you can imagine, my face sometimes looks....busy I feel this spiritually. It's so hard finding that perfect arch... I've been plucking my eyebrows for maybe three years and I just now found the right arch I kid you not....and I still wish they were thicker *sigh* I hope you get there one day though! Eyebrows are proving to be the most difficult for a lot of people makeup wise since filling in eyebrows has just started booming.
  14. Ramen with a special soy sauce blend
  15. Thanks! And congrats to you too! Such a pretty lineage
  16. Have you tried the holiday breeding thread?