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  1. Yeeeeeeeessss! I can not express quite how elated I am over these news, finally, there shall be order on my scroll again!
  2. I have to say, I squealed of joy when I read these news, something I haven't done for Anything for quite a while! Awesome stuff! And managed to breed one of the new ones too! 8D
  3. Got this one, as an egg, off the AP a few days back...I was thinking: Well... christmas is over, let's hatch low time eggs! You can imagine my surprise when I found It was a 2nd gen Thuwed! O.o Proof
  4. I just Love this week, It has been amazing! And is not even entirely over!
  5. Yaaay! I love the card event! *trying to send every 10 minutes* And can't wait to see the adult dragons! Looks amazing so far! =3
  6. Oh, Wow, what an amazing event!!
  7. O, Wow, this is so amazing! Really good job to everyone involved, awesome idea and really fun event!
  8. Ridgewings! I was hunting them so fiercly when they got out that my brain is still in "Cool, mountain and breeze, Yaaay, let's catch! 8D" mode! X.x And Everything that has 3 lines of text, which means whites, vines and dinos... fine for the two first, i collect them, but the latter... -.-
  9. It depends... if I pick up a holly of 19376428475 gen and inbred half of the way... Who cares? Silver and gold, yeah, keep that to! In commons though I either bounce them back or freeze them If they are hatchies/low time eggs. Not to release though, I don't release my dragons at all, rather have them sit there forever and not be bred/grown than release them! Though usually the freeze is done because of a long, messy line, regardless of inbreeding.
  10. With risk of sound like a parrot to everyone before me, but... Gratz to the winners! =D No doubt with that many votes they are well deserving of their prize!
  11. The very first dead dragon i ever had was from last week actually (not counting the zombie try on halloween, that was intentional). It was a vamp egg that got to many views to fast, I fogged it quite fast, it still died over night though...! =< Never had fog fail to cure the eggs before
  12. I use 7 of them, but only about 3 the first day of the eggs life
  13. Based on personality? Clearly a Daydream... or a Split, need no other company than myself and I! What i'd like to be though, is probably the Black Marrow dragon.
  14. Awsome Idea! Hope to donate some to ^^ Rare: 2nd Gen Gold 2nd Gen Silver CB Black uncommon: Dino Nocturne Sunsong Common: Pink Sunset Electric
  15. Awsome, really lookin forward to seeing everyone's creations and the prize dragons! x3 Say, If one of the winners of a prize dragon decides to take a egg of their choice, like the honorable mentions... would that mean a permanent "loss" of the prize dragon they would have otherwise gotten? Let's say a gold winner wants a CB gold instead of the prize, will the amount of prize dragons CB as a total be 4 then istead of 5? or will one go to one of the silver winners closest to the top, who's silver goes to bronze who's... yeah, etc. !
  16. Oh wow, amazing! Not only the dragon for the year, but contest, and More dragons, awsome! =D
  17. Oh wow! I can't wait for this to go live! =D
  18. Several times, about 6-7 in the months I have been on DC actually. And I haven't influenced that much, so I have apparently been incredibly unlucky with that!
  19. Well, my addition! Views: 9166 - Illyana Dawnstrider - RaiOkami UVs: 1666 - Ylexei Sacreesha - RaiOkami Clicks: 50 - Vatelo Serleth - RaiOkami And amazing numbers you posted there TJ! o.o
  20. Wohoo, wonderful event! x3 *Runs along to collect more eggs*
  21. My first rare was a vampire! Had no idea what It was when I picked It up, was really suprised when I learned! I was new then, still am, kinda, not a month of playing yet! ^^
  22. DayDream dragon - Spirit Ryuu (F) Neotropical dragon - Toxicar (M) Pygmy dragon - Aylee (F) Mint dragon - Shygon (F)