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  1. I was trying to find that post too, because I clearly remember it, It was in one of the "Suggestion about Sweetlings" thread, or something like this, with a discussion similar to this topic. It was several years ago, however, and I know that inactive threads are periodically closed and deleted. And that thread was most certainly closed after Kila stated her opinion.
  2. I'm really sorry if my post made you feel that way I agree with you wholeheartedly and just really want the things back as they were.
  3. Don't you think that the first step would be obtaining Kila's permission? Any discussion is a bit pointless without that, and she intended Alt Sweetlings to stay with people originally affected by the glitch. Yes, it has been eight years now, she may have changed her mind, but you need to ask first, no? No, I don't think it is fair for me to get both variations, I'll be happy if the change was reverses and I get no access to Pink Sweetlings. Please. Just scroll-code them back.
  4. I want to add my 2cents: 1. I'd prefer Sweetlings to stay scroll-locked, as they were. It means that won't be able to enjoy beautiful Pink-based lineages, but I kinda accepted that already. 2. Alt Sweetlings' offsprings are actually not very valuable as trade fodder. They breed true only once per year and they change color upon hitting non-Alt scroll, thus limiting their usefulness in lineages (they were mostly used in alt-based lineages). Commons from alts are worth basically nothing - they are not like commons from spriter's alts (one-of-a-kind dragons), there are quite a few alt sweetlings out there 3. Actually, this isn't the first time this issue was brought up. All those times it was shot down, because there is an actual veto from spriter, who gave up her spriter's alt. She is inactive now, but I don't think it allows us to disregard her opinion on this matter.
  5. 2nd gen Chrono Xeno x Gold: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2nd gen Mageia Xeno x Gold: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 4 EG Nebula (Purple Nebula x Gold): Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Stairstep gold: GONE! 2nd gen Chrono Xenowyrm x Gold: GONE! 2nd gen Thalassa Xenowyrm x Silver: GONE! 2nd gen Gaia Xenowyrm x Gold GONE! 2nd gen Astrapi Xenowyrm x Silver: GONE!
  7. Wow, the adults are amazing! I like Astrapi and Mageia the most, but they all are extremely beautiful!
  8. I'm fine with a Shop/Trader, and I think that being able to buy CB Holidays is a wonderful idea (I love Snow Angels so much, if only I joined site two weeks earlier, I would have a CB one ). Earning points by raising dragons is also good for me - that's exactly what I'm doing in DC, after all But playing mini-games...it's not something I like. I don't have quite enough time for it, nor do I like mini-games at all. I only hope that if this idea is implemented, those games won't be the only way to obtain mana/currency. And I agree that having a travelling merchant or a summoning spell would be way nicer, than just plain old store with eggs bought for points.
  9. One of my zombie fodder hatchlings didn't turn into a zombie or disintegrate, it was actually revived! And it is a white dragon, by coincidence! I'm going to keep it, despite its messy lineage.