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BannerSmall.png My Scroll. Wishlist in profile. I accept IOUs.I try to answer all PM's. I use the Decline option in trades.ARK2-1.gif 

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    I don't breed my Alt Sweetlings anymore, please do not PM.


    EG "Deadline" Tinsels (Purebred with all tombstones in first gen)

    2nd gens:
    F Hellfire Wyvern x M Grave
    Sunstone x Wrapping Wing
    Daydream x Wrapping Wing
    Bloodmoon x Winter Magi
    Frostbite x Winter Magi
    Striped River x Mistletoe
    Silver Lunar (Silver Lunar x Mistletoe)
    Spessartine x Mistletoe
    Purple Nebula x Arsani
    Indigo Lunar Herald (Winter Magi x Indigo Herald)
    Gold x Arsani
    Silver x Val'09
    Blusang from M/F Silver
    Stone from M Gold

    3rd EG Checkers:

    Silver x Val'09
    Fog from M Fogs x F Thunder Trio
    Red from Marrow (any gender)
    Horse x M Silver
    Red Dorsal (Alt Sweetlings x Red Dorsal)
    Sunstone x Wrapping Wing
    White x Winter Magi
    White x F Silver
    Purple x F Silver
    Royal Crimson x M/F Gold
    Red x Gold
    Red Nebula x Gold
    Red x F Silver
    Blue Nebula x M Silver
    Fog x F Gold
    M Hellfire x F Gold
    Daydream x Rosebud

    4 EG Checkers:
    Nebula/Ice from M Ice x F Blue Nebula
    M Silver x F Black
    M Black x F Gold
    Purple Nebula from F Gold x Purple Nebula
    Silver x M Marrow
    Terrae x Yulebuck
    Magi x M Silver
    Felfire x M Silver
    Blue Nebula x M Silver
    Fog x F Gold

    5 EG Checkers:
    Gold x Black

    Hatchies for freezing, any lineage:

    Ungendered:Heartseeker, Snow Angel, Gaia

    Gendered: Gaia, Spirit Ward (f),

    Dragons for scroll goal:
    Green Stripe, 1 m/ 1 f

    Always looking for: messy/inbred silvers (for freezing), guardian hatchies, nocturne hatchies, EG PB Reds, sunsongs from gold/gold tinsel (2-breed only), pretty checkerboard lineages.