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  1. Ah, what a lovely day for AP hunting! I wonder what I'll find. A messy metallic? A low-gen Tinselkin? Or maybe a really pretty even-gen? I can't wait to get started!


    user posted image




    (Some of them are pretty even-gens, though. tongue.gif)

  2. If your gemshard decides to be a Ruby Gemshard then for me it would be perfect. Congratulations!


    This Vine not alted and i influenced it male so i can go to the 6th generation this year with my Mammut Hedge Project.


    Now i am finally not egglocked and trying to breed my first Hedge for June. Two pairs produced no egg or doesn't show much interest. 14 pairs remaining and the mentioned Dark Green has to growing up soon i want to breed him.   biggrin.gif


    Oh i am egglocked because i received an egg from the Targaryen project also a reason to feel very good. ^^

    Well, if it does happen to become a Ruby Gem then I'd be happy to gift it to you. It would just sit on my scroll without a mate if it didn't go somewhere. tongue.gif Congrats, by the way!


    I've been recently picking up quite a few tan Ridgewings, as well as some interesting codes (OhNo!). I don't like leaving so many dragons unnamed, but their codes can be so amusing sometimes. ^.^

  3. I was really lucky while hunting tonight and I found two CB tan Ridgewings!


    I also saw my first CB gold a few minutes ago in the forest. Of course I was too slow, but I'm happy that I at least saw one. Congrats to the lucky person who got that pretty. smile.gif