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  1. Wow.. I honestly couldn't believe that this name wasn't taken already. Scriber
  2. Picked up some really pretty eggs lately. ^.^ And so it begins..
  3. Ah, what a lovely day for AP hunting! I wonder what I'll find. A messy metallic? A low-gen Tinselkin? Or maybe a really pretty even-gen? I can't wait to get started! Oh.. (Some of them are pretty even-gens, though. )
  4. Blue-Banded x Stone Though, I'm not that upset about this one since I'm only breeding them because of their codes.
  5. Well, if it does happen to become a Ruby Gem then I'd be happy to gift it to you. It would just sit on my scroll without a mate if it didn't go somewhere. Congrats, by the way! I've been recently picking up quite a few tan Ridgewings, as well as some interesting codes (OhNo!). I don't like leaving so many dragons unnamed, but their codes can be so amusing sometimes. ^.^
  6. Bred this successfully! I was afraid that the bases for the lineages would look bad together, but actually if I continue this I think it might look somewhat decent. It will be interesting, that's for sure.
  7. Until I'm finished with one of my major breeding projects, I'll just make PB lineages. I already have the first offspring for this lineage. *huggles*
  8. Meet Ash, Amy, and Kim! This egg seems like it just realized something.. The army of joy continues to grow. - - - - - -
  9. I saw my first CB Spessartine just now and I was fast enough to catch it! Yay!
  10. Finally grabbed two of each! Fogged, because I'm paranoid >.>
  11. The hatchies are so cute! I knew I shouldn't have grabbed all those Gem eggs the other day.
  12. Poor innocent eggs I am terribly sorry I didn't mean to
  13. I picked up a test egg just now.
  14. I was really lucky while hunting tonight and I found two CB tan Ridgewings! I also saw my first CB gold a few minutes ago in the forest. Of course I was too slow, but I'm happy that I at least saw one. Congrats to the lucky person who got that pretty.
  15. Oh my, this egg seems very violent..
  16. It was surprisingly easy to grab 7 of the new eggs. I'm not complaining, though.
  17. Ah, this explains the new dragon in the encyclopedia. Why do I have to be egglocked? >.<
  18. I want these two to have a baby with the code 3MEWP.
  19. I'm so happy and relieved that they didn't refuse.
  20. YES. YESYESYESYES. I have the perfect mate for 2MEWP. His code is.. Wait for it.. 1MEWP! Please don't refuse or gender incorrectly or anything >.<
  21. HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR Really? No one named a dragon this? Well, in that case I'm reserving it for a lineage project.
  22. Picked up these GORGEOUS Flamingos. Thank you, Terces!
  23. My Pink lineage is going well~ My Gemshard also hatched red, thankfully. I've been lacking red Gemshards.