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  1. happy new year anyone else having trouble viewing the presents in the right format? mine is messy in a sense and picture-less,same color and same shape
  2. lynixe

    2014-08-29 - Multi-Sort!

    great update can't wait to try the new sort out
  3. ah, so no more first week release? did not see the hatching part but hatchlings are cute and oddly 2 colors how did a green egg have yellow hatchling........hmm
  4. glad to find a pink dragon after so long(not event pink dragon) though i still favor cassare
  5. lynixe

    2014-06-22 - Site Outage

    thanks for the info made me wonder why the downtime was so long
  6. am amazed i absolutely love the avatar of destruction everything looks so awesome now to think of what to pair it with
  7. am thinking that the breeding has something to do with the dragon from which biome hmm great release though am sad that the breeding is a bit slow
  8. lynixe

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    can't decide what to pair them with both of them are awesome good work
  9. lynixe

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    looking awesome but ah got to go to bed already
  10. i don't think i can make it so many left yet so little time
  11. so many of them hmm i shall try hard
  12. wow, sounds fun i almost forgotten about easter gotto be ready
  13. love the glaucus for the color so blue howlers are interesting too
  14. ah, nicely sleeping then i guess i will just grab when i am wide awake with less competition
  15. looking forward to this then holds TJ for his word
  16. the fever one is beautiful the brute is quite nice, maybe get rid of the beard? well, am happy it looks cool
  17. one of them looked like frill hmm
  18. congratz to winners more pretty lineages i hope
  19. this is just wonderful a reindeer dragon and the name is so pretty
  20. I want to participate! Forum name: lynixe Scroll name: lynixe Wishlist: 1.3rd gen shimmer 2. cb blusang 3. alt black 4. any even gen 2 color,2 breed checker 5. cb nebula 6. cb ND
  21. just 2 questions: how many 2-3rd gen low gen tinsels/shimmers would be worth for one cb gold or one cb silver? thank you