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  1. This made me laugh. The whiptail! http://dragcave.net/lineage/Xyvn5
  2. I thought I'd like the sweet tropical coconut dip. What have I done? .-.
  3. Lone Lover No and No (for a two-headed) Boot Face Gaudy Gouda (cheese!) Smiling Parmesan (another cheese ) Professor Coconut Righteous Spirit
  4. *snicker* http://dragcave.net/lineage/XXXme
  5. Aww yeah. A noble offspring, FINALLY!
  6. Birds! Birds birds birds, from chicken to swan, from hoatzin to hummingbird. In particular, i love crows - they are so complex and intelligent
  7. @Mystic_Halo You're right! I didn't know how to translate it even after some google searches, but it is in fact goldstone. The vendor also had plain, sparkling orange goldstone.
  8. Oh well if you said it so nicely in the intro demonichunny, I kinda lose myself when it comes to gemstones. I would stare at them day and night - they are so cool and calming. Sorry if I seem lost and fuzzy I have a small collection of, how do you say it, uncut gemstones. They are quite abundant and not very expensive here. My favorite is malachite, but I'm so proud to have found a bracelet made of polished star sunstone just the other day! It is like staring into dozens of tiny galaxies. While camping near river beds, I also like to, erm, rub small, smooth sedimentary rocks against tougher ones, and shape them into hearts, triangles, buttons etc.
  9. You have to carry all the hatchlings all the time, so you're literally overburdened and have your hands full. Get fit by lifting dragons and you could carry more! I saw a shiny sweetling today. What must I do to get a shiny daydream?
  10. Water walking to a city - went to steal something for a quest but the guards got alerted. Fudge! Ran to make a dramatic escape by jumping in the bay. Instead of a graceful dive, i was graced with the sound of my bones shattering. Looked at the status bar (health/enchantments) and i see the water walking effect hadn't faded off yet. A few seconds later, it does so and my character sinks unceremoniously in the waves, and starts drowning. And that's my most humiliating death in Morrowind
  11. Never has a Brimstone visited the cave. Llerses had a secret admirer Look how happy they are! He is shy and sweet and she is headstrong and powerful. Complementary mates ftw!
  12. Loved the caves presented here. I finally have some kind of idea what I'm doing, and hoping for another day to make waterfalls/curtains out of the scales/leaves. "Oh fudge she's getting closer!" Llerses is kinda stressed. Good thing he has Sparky the dragonfly to support him, along with Mini-Drake the brave wingman and, of course, the Crab Squad. He's shy - that's why he insisted he needs help decorating in the first place!
  13. Breaking news: the cupcake bush is growing well, but the hotdog one is taking its time. Good thing the Crab Squad is here to assist. My lucky fella attracted a deipsis, grave, black and nebula
  14. My undine, with all the, erm, treasures he found near and inside lakes
  15. My Undine has interesting suitors I focused all on shinies, magic and misc.
  16. Yes! I found a 2nd gen 2009 Valentine! *muffled Lovestoned playing in the distance*
  17. I kept sending "handwritten" messages, and received tons of awesome, cute and heartwarming greetings. Thank you all Prepare yourself! We're going on a holiday adventure! Dragons guaranteed~ #Pandalf (Pandalf the Blue wizard!) Happy Friday ~ #ShorahNagi Just tweeting you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. #Ytak (on a bird tag - gosh I love birds!) Watch where you step Watch. where you go - You may end up under the mistletoe #Seiti (right before the mistletoe dragon reveal!) Beware of the mistletoe dragon's tail. ;P #*Silver Fox* I hope you will like this high-quality hairbrush for Daydream dragons. #Ramani (aww) Guess that means that Schroedinger's Cat IS indeed alive! #LigeiaMaloy (cat tag!) Last but not least, this came out of the blue: one of my favorites: come back flying papaya #InugamiZERO
  18. This is what I got for naming the Silver father "the chanter" and the Frostbite mother "voice of midwinter". Thanks, _Inu_
  19. First try at a more sad, tragic-crazy description. This one has by far the most comments, and they're more intense than usual. Sorry guys User Comments Accept: Woah intense o_O -H Accept: Oh no D: ~PG Accept: Accept: Aw, that is sad and mean. ~Jazz Accept: Nice Description ~brair Accept: Poor girl. ~D Accept: Sad, but good backstory Abstain: Accept: Accept: Yikes. You just inspired the murder-mystery author in me.
  20. OMG!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/ObamA
  21. Lovely Deep Sea. 2nd gen from Silver father, with awesome codes running in the family!
  22. They're wonderful. I love the bacteria theme around the Fever wyvern, and the pose is great!
  23. I can't get over how sweet the Seasonals are in general. I love the Autumns - staring in the same direction, going all "Oooh, shiny" when you breed them
  24. I can't believe a White dragon bit me! Maybe the bite has healing properties...? Hmm, to the laboratory!
  25. Finally, one bat seed! I never found bat, or ???. This thread also reminds me of twitter