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  1. Snagged the first one. I hope the other baby finds a good home!
  2. Edit: Taken Almandine pyralsprite with 4Mgca code Sabertooth drake with oNZEL code
  3. Galvanic egg with code similar to "zip"
  4. @Jazeki Took the mint with the upside down mama.. @dragongrrl And the aeon. I apologize if we're not allowed to take multiple, didn't want to go overboard. I need a male aeon but don't have much luck with breeding them, and I got eaten last april fools day. 😓
  5. Taken. Sophs have been on my wishlist for a long time... I'll gladly do both.
  6. CB pyrovar and sinii krai eggs with interesting codes
  7. I generally try to use Greg Kennedy's EDS when putting newborns into a hatchery, since they don't tend to get much of an influx of views there. As for percentage, I doubt it's going to be that much? At best a 25 or less chance. 100% is kind of unrealistic.
  8. Edit: no takers, so it was released
  9. Nice to get some new wyrms.
  10. Taken. My first silver in years... thank you
  11. Astaarus with 'Oimaa' code and coral pygmy: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. For anyone who missed the june release: a CB sabertooth drake Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  13. Took the zyumorph. Thank you for this!
  14. Astaarus with nice lineage and aeon parent: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. Took one set, thank you. They're all adorable ❤️
  16. CB blue fire gem: Gone (Please let me know if you take this one. Also, if you have a ton of them already let a newer user grab it unless you really need it!)
  17. Astaarus with messy lineage and silver parent Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. My newest form of bad luck is that I wasn't able to get a sabertooth drake the day they released in June. I missed the drop and was egglocked, so I tried to obtain one for awhile with no success. Every trade I entered was cancelled or declined. Fortunately I eventually managed to nab a CB one from the cave nearly a week later... I named him Diego Foreclaws as a reference to the Ice Age movies, to celebrate. Fortunately I was able to breed a spotted teal right away, so that was something at least. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes dragons can be tricky to obtain despite being less rare than others. 😕 I have both sunrise and sunsets. Want me to breed you one?
  19. Tried to buy an egg in the market as a test, and the loss of shards as well as the egg didn't register. I tried to create a trade as well but it's not showing up for me... will look at clicksites to see if any changes are showing up there. Edit: On Allure of NDS, when I check the lineages of eggs that have cracks they appear to be in the beginning state, like they're CB and you just got them. This is really weird... 😮
  20. It's weird. I tried to see who "grabbed" the eggs in the biomes, but it says they can't be found. Another data/lagmonster?
  21. Have: Bred blancback egg and mundus canto hatchie Want: New release from volcano Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  22. Thank you for the offer. A user actually messaged me with an offer, but if it doesn't work out we could trade. Hope you have more luck in the future! I personally don't mind messy lineages or whether dragons are CB or not. Double post but I actually have only gotten one egg out of trying to breed my gold draggies, so I can completely relate!