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    Wish list (Updated):

    Rare dragons:
    Prize-winning dragons (gold, silver, or bronze)
    Summon (Guardian of Nature)
    Holly (The only Christmas dragon I need)
    Undead (zombie)

    Any lineage or gender is fine.

    Uncommon: Anything, really.

    Common: Anything, really.

    The Kandycat is seen lurking mostly in the Forum Games and Multimedia sections. It has the mysterious ability to summon things out of thin air. Watch out for its superior thread-stalking skills, but it also can disappear from it for a while and come back quite suddenly. The Kandycat has many loves, including being random, spriting, and drawing pictures. It also loves to fire people with a lazer pointer, but don't fear - it's only when they deserve it. Last but not least, it has a knack for ticking off murderous computers and getting out of tight, crowded enclosed spaces when it needs to.