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  1. Agreed there just aren't enough eggs to hunt.
  2. I just sent you a pun. Is it bad enough?
  3. I had the same eggs showing up every time I refreshed for a while even though they were already taken but it seems to be fixed now. If it was caused by the same thing you should be able to catch eggs now good luck.
  4. I want this to. Breeding holidays for the AP takes so much more time than it has to right now
  5. I think I saw a feature request for that a while back. found it
  6. It's creeping me out a bit. How did that even happen?
  7. I want my own personal graveyard with all the old tomb stones that have vanished from my scroll for my zombies to wander in.
  8. I want a personal graveyard, also twoheaded and drake holidays
  9. All the little tree sprites on my scroll at the same time
  10. Support. It took two days to chase down all my CBs when I made my CB group.
  11. I like the check box idea, having growing things visible can be really nerve racking.
  12. I want a zombie apocalypse event, one month of 100% zombie success.
  13. The odds for making zombies are way to low. This is honestly insane given the number of zombie sprites there are. I like the idea of Zombies being able to infect other dragons with a BSA but even if we get that the odds still need to be raised.
  14. This would be awesome I would love to have a scroll graveyard But I would prefer a permanent one. A link could go in stats or groups with an option to hide it for people who don't want it seen. Also yes to renaming or unnaming dead dragons I agree that it is necessary
  15. My feeling on this is that CBs should remain one gender only but bred christmas/valentine dragons being both genders would be cool.
  16. My unreasonable demand is freezing eggs. Some of them are so pretty I just want them on my scroll forever. Also @mouse050909 the fogball dragon would be the cutest thing ever.
  17. I think there should be options in the select a dragon list newest first, scroll order, and so on
  18. I like this suggestion and would like to add. Automatically add this dragons descendants.