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  1. A rat has just died in our walls and there is no way to get it out. huzzah for us... Well one time when I was young... I think four or so. Our cousins decided to have a bbq in our backyard, and thought that it was a great idea to put vegetable oil into one of those orange gatorade container thingies (the kind that they use for athletes) well anyways, i thought it was gatorade or at least soda. So I grabbed myself a cup and poured myself some of the "soda" and drank it all (half full). After that I tried to wipe my tongue with soap and threw up later... yep... There was also a time when a cat slashed the eye of one of the dogs that liked to hang around our block. The entire eye was just oozing with this green stuff- didnt' go outside for the longest time.
  2. Yeah, I do agree that Kitty and Natty's POV is not that interesting. Bartty is clever and funny at the same time, that beats the deppressingness of Kitty and Nat any day.
  3. hahaha Saikachan you have the right book. @Dark, I read from some site (can't remember which one) that says Stroud is writing another book, based on Barty's adventures in egypt, and that it is set to come out in 2011. *finger's crossed*
  4. @Rhea... no none got turned into a frog *cries* @Zephyr, that's what I heard too. He better be making another book, and it better be good too. @Infinis, give it a chance. The first few chapters of the book is kinda boring, since it comes from Nathan's point of view.
  5. So, has anyone here read the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud? If anyone has this thread is for discussions on this awesome (IMO) piece of work.
  6. Mehehe, when you said dreams, you attracted the fan. (To make sure there is no confusion, I have a friend who we shall simply call M at the time being- who is a lesbian- hates girly clothes- and has really and I mean really short hair (buzz cut almost) Now in my dream, M is in a blue Valkyrie Armour, and is wielding a blue sword, she also has red wavy hair. Now M holds the sword up high and proudly proclaims, "I am the blond Atheist!" So she swings her sword and demolishes the stone gargoyle, then she moves onto a cross, which she points her sword to. Immediately lightning came from the sky and burned the cross down into ashes. Once that was done, she stabbed her sword into the earth and tossed her wavy hair, once more proclaiming in a breathy voice, "All in the day's work of a blond Atheist." Suddenly the school flooded and harpies began to swoop out of the skies, forcing everyone onto a large metal ship. I somehow became a harpy, and I began flying through the sky, screeching at people and swooping down at them (it was quite fun). The people, oddly, ran back inside when the harpies swooped over their head, but just a few moments later, they walked back out as if nothing had happened. Then a sorceress held a book over her head, proclaiming that it was the last book in the world. I was back in my own body amongst my friend. So we began to play tag on the bleachers, and as I was running away one of my friends stopped me and asked (I am a known bookworm amongst my friends) "Hey T, have you read the last book yet?" To which I replied no, however as soon as I replied I was tagged and the dream rewound to when I was running away. I was stopped by the same person, and asked the same question, to which I gave the same reply, and then I was tagged again, the dream continued to loop until I was awake. Aaaaand BOOM: "Uggh school already?" (summer vacation)
  7. M. Night Shama... (I won't even try) suceeded in what Fire Lord Ozai and his ancestor could not do... he killed the Avatar...
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    Wild Magic

    I loved Tamora Pierce's book. I've read every single one of them (well except for Mastiff, I just could not get interested in it). IMO The Circle of Magic is a better series than the Tortall series. Although now that I think about it, most of the characters are Mary/Gary Stu/Sueish, and the fact that any climatic point is solved relatively quickly- I mean the main character always has more power/strength than the enemy they're facing! Circle of Magic: Four kids- stopped an earthquake, defeated a pirate fleet, and much much more (but I can't remember) Tortall: Alanna defeated the Count (or whatever by overpowering him), the "immortals" were all too easily defeated, etc. etc. Daine:.... she brought dinosaurs back to life and destroyed a rule of tyranny... single handed. Kel: She finished a war with her oh so brilliant plans, and brought down the antagonist after no one else (more skilled than her) is able to! Still love the series though <3
  9. 1. To be the absolute ruler of the world 2. To have mechanical servants that do not use oil and is capable of cleaning up environmental problems 3. Floating Paradise Islands that do not require oil for me to live on
  10. "NYAAARG" "I'm coming Nessa!" "F-finish of Dorothy..."
  11. no.. not yet, I was asking before I do though...
  12. *waves little hands around* can i still join?
  13. Username: Fanfanatic Side: NDK Name: Kragen Dodson Age: 35 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: Kragen's messy brown hair hangs down to his shoulder, brown, the same color as his eyes. He stands at 6"0 with a finely toned body, riddled with scars of old battles. Personality: Kragen acts like any normal person, he doesn't hate everything, he doesn't like everything, he has his own thoughts and opinions. Normally Kragen likes to act like a warrior- never hurt a woman, never fight an unarmed opponent, never hit a man while he is down, and always help those in need. Other: He fights using a longsword which is strapped to his back. He also carries knives and other objects in his tunic. Kragen has a soft spot for "cute" animals. Dragon’s name: Krimrik Dragon’s age: Adult Dragon’s gender: Male Dragon’s race : Mint Appearance: A small mint green dragon. Personality: Krimrik doesn't speak unless it is neccesary, for it acts like a spy. He never says sorry and always takes from others even when he does not need it. Due to his small size Kragen will often use Krimrik to spy on enemies. The mint dragon is very adapt at hiding in crooks and crannys. Other: None Username: Fanfanatic Side: Hyro Name: Shiwan Age: 277 Gender: Female Race: Elf Appearance: Shiwan or Shiw as some know her as hides her face behind a mask. She wears a black cloak over her whole body, concealing any sign that she is a female along with an aresnal of dangerous equipment. Personality: She acts like a professional, letting no personal goal come in her way. For some odd reason, Shiwan has a hate for oranges. Other: N/A Dragon’s name: Run Across the Open Plains Dragon’s age: Adult Dragon’s gender: Male Dragon’s race : Horse Appearance: Horse Dragon, purple skin... Personality: N/A Other: N/A
  14. A question. Why is there a race slot for the non-dragon template? Can people be something other than a human?
  15. Dark, just a question for you. Since you are RP Mod, do you also RP approve? And to all in the RP, I don't think that I can continue, so if you want, have my characters die a horried death.
  16. attention to all. I am loaded with work from school, so I grant permission to anyone to Gmod my charries. But please, don't make them do stupid or uneccesary things. I.E kill their own hatchling, kill another hatchling, etc.
  17. ((on the one day that everyone is on I'm stuck usin a PS3 =(
  18. slif how did your charrie just walk in? The door was barred shut
  19. Oh Me Gingerbread! I have an idea for a plot that may or may not happen! Someone in the guild poisoned all the dragons and we need to find out who! Or- A plague sweeps through and everyone is left to find the cure! Eh... I'm tired at 2 in the morining.