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  1. Oh god - I love all the Buffy ones ^^ I only got to the block of silvers before my eyes went blurry but my favourite so far was: Who Died And Made You Elvis
  2. Those sound like comments to another description - weird
  3. First I wanted to go for the Ice 'Never Eat Yellow Snow' But then I found a vamp named 'Smoochie Pie Cutie' All my dragons are named but most of them rather conservative but maybe you find a funny one or two...
  4. Oh remember the sweet times before the lineage view page, when you had to click manually trough mothers and fathers to find out if your babies were inbred... Back then I didn't care at all. I started to care when I got more active in the forum and trading and gifting and people seemed to hate them, but I would NEVER kill a dragon (except in trying to get a zombie/neglegted/vampire). Nowadays all my Inbreds have the suffix Inbred to avoid accidental breeding (and I let a few go to the wilderness) but I wouldn't mind breeding them, if someone would want the offspring. Since my scroll is more or less complete when it comes to species (d*** you elusive GoN's and ND's) I know tend to look for pretty lineages and I toss almost everything back into the AP if it isn't CB, EG or a really pretty stair, inbreeding has little influence on that.
  5. Love the easter/hat description FieryIsis. And I really can't see a problem with a parade, even if no one in the Middle Ages ever did something like a parade - it's people/dragons walking around in a long row being smug about something they achieved I can't see how that disturbs the setting And I'm pretty sure there were religious processions and funeral corteges in addition to military parades, so no worries.
  6. My first frozen was a Green dragon about a year after I first joined. I never had anything against freezing and I wanted a complete scroll with all the pictures, so of course I wanted to collect frozens of each species. I only started so late because I wanted an adult first and only froze seconds of a breed. Back then there was no lineage view and I probably froze some pretty lineages and let the Inbred grow up because I got it first but hindsights 20-20 and all that
  7. Thanks kabocha for gifting me my first CB Goldwyvern egg, when they first came out and I could seem to neither catch nor trade for one. And I think katfur isn't active anymore but I will always be grateful for her gifting me my first green stripe in the days before teleport. Iside and shadesofchaos for helping me out with gifts for my lineages. Dracaena for an awesome EG 6 gift and all in all awesome trading. moensli and xaesha for great tradings and unexpected dino gifts. Everyone out there who traded with me, was polite and kept their IOU's. Lagie for her great work with the description thread. Socks and the other description mods for their awesome work. darkflowernightshade, wortgewaltig and the other newbie gifting mods for an awesome job. Everyone who does his/her best to leave constructive criticism with the descriptions and all the people who take the time to sweeten an accept with a smilie or short comment. The mods, spriters and TJ for making this such a great site of course. I hope I haven't forgotten someone, but if I did rest assured it's only because I have to clean my inbox regularly and sometimes names get lost that way not because I'm ot grateful.
  8. Got the following: Reject: Accept: Accept: Wow, I love it! There's an extra space after "remind", though. Accept: Accept: RIP Pear Fall! I love the comments and now I will lose them because I want to get rid of the typo AARGH! I hate people rejecting without commenting > Thanks to everyone who takes the time to write a short comment - it always makes my day Re-submitted after getting rid of that offending double space and got this: Accept: aww thats so sad im gonna go cry now but good description
  9. Hey ruins - the comment was mine I really liked the description as a whole and didn't want to dishearten you (I would have written that, too if the comments allowed more words) The fact is just, that the description rules state not to overpower it and the thread that gives you tips says that you shouldn't use greatest/best or any such superlatives without some kind of limitation (of her clan for example) as a rule of thumb. I tried to give a constructive way around that restriction not to put you down, sorry
  10. I joined August (11th according to my precious first dragon) 2008 and of course I can't find my validation e-mail anymore But I found WraithZephyr's tutorial and found this number: 60747
  11. Finished - yay! Thanks all you wonderful spriters and happy Easter ==:-3
  12. Just caught this Which I love to bits since it will be the perfect mate for her <3 Thanks dear breeder
  13. got: Accept: Accept: Could be longer, but APPROVED. Accept: Accept: This description is 800/1000 allowed signs long - I swear sometimes commentors try to mess with my head.
  14. 3rd annual easter egg hunt - I was really looking forward to this and I'm enjoying myself immensly. The eggs are gorgeous (as always) but I must say that whover did the band that separates this year's eggs from last year's really outdid her/himself Also this is a great opportunity to review descriptions while waiting for the next egg to appear
  15. got: Accept: Accept: Accept: Wonderful smurf reference. Accept: Nice description! Accept: And got: Accept: Accept: Archchancellor Ridcully, heh... So much for wizards not having mates. Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Nice description! Accept: I love it when people get my (not-so-subtle) references
  16. I want a drawing!! Forum name: herk Description: a baby dragon hatching from it's egg - preferably a green or red coloured one like the classical fairytale ones are Creature: dragon Pose: Maybe looking right at you (or at the extra) Type: Full body (even if parts are still hidden by the egg) Colours: Feeling: curious Extra: a kitten walking by wondering about that strange egg
  17. Came here through a link posted by Socks. I LOVE this idea
  18. Same here And I'm a bit woried because I used my new e-mail adress instead of the old one on my scroll and now I hope Ican change the adress on my scroll to get a badge if there is one. I love me my badges
  19. Claimed it My first Who eggie - I will love it to bits <3
  20. Just found this pretty And I have the means to breed an almost perfect mate (maybe through trade I can even create the perfect one) Very happy right now
  21. With the changes the description is perfect And I really have to wonder about the Abstain on the later description - I mean ever heard of the city of Rome, building an empire long before the middle ages Edit: Oh - and also love the past tense as if sometime between Ancient Greece and the moon landing dragons were in fact real and you would have to strive for complete historic accuracy (Say were dragons before or after the 2nd crusade? Can I include stirrups, they are pretty modern?...)
  22. Hey Hawktalon, I just got that description in the queue. I'm kind of on the fence on this one, it's well written but I think she's a bit too nice even considering her heritage. I think I would tone it down a bit, maybe have her kill prey because of hunger but feeling uncomfortable about it? And the other vines kind of accept her? - That would go against their violent nature so you're not only making her 'too nice' but other vines, too. I hope that helped. I'm going to abstain since I can't decide...
  23. Magis and in the AP White - I found so many beautiful white EG eggs in the AP that now I have to check their lineage every time. And Magis - well I guess I have to come up with a breeding project to justify my clicking habit
  24. I'm this close to only ever clicking whites in the AP. Today I found this white beauty And it's not related to this beauty whose grandparents were all AP findings and I was a bit afraid because of the common tea theme
  25. I would have used the CB = F0 method myself but the official counting like it's used on generation counters on fan sites and as TJ has confirmed in at least one post I read some time ago is that the CB's are generation 1. And I've never seen anybody use it anyway in trading. So I would be pretty surprised and maybe even angry if I traded for a second gen and got a third gen (in DC terms).