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  1. You need to find a water dragon that's only interested in clothes and stuff. I named my royal blue Buck Rogers and gave him a description where he sleeps for a really long time and awakes to find spaceships and robots and stuff - why did it get rejected?
  2. Wow those are all cool names Have to go with Hematemesis the vampire.
  3. Because the female dragons have headaches 6 out of 7 days. Can I zombify a chicken?
  4. You'll need to name one of your royal blues Kurt Wagner - he will get the teleport BSA immediately. Why can't I see my descriptions on my scroll?
  5. The best way is to take a pygmy egg and let it hatch among the Hellfire Wyverns - that usually does the trick. How do I get a GoN?
  6. Rare dragons are very dominant and aggressive and need to feel special. They can't stand to share a place with other rares - so if one rare is in the forest other rares will go to the alpines or the desert to be undisturbed. My vampire bit an egg it didn't die but isn't on my scroll anymore. Where is my vampire egg?
  7. Did you set the colour to lime? That's a requirement. Where can I get a chicken egg?
  8. Harry or Suzy for example. Why did my new 'look at my eggs' thread get closed?
  9. Old German dragons. Why do some forum members have different colours?
  10. Yay new eggs At least this time I didn't miss the release by not going on for 3 days in a row so I managed to grab 2 CB eggs pretty easily. Thanks spriters and TJ - I can't wait to see how the new pretties look once they grow up.
  11. You need to have one of your Pebble dragons beat it until it turns either black or blue - the ratios are roughly 1black:4blue stripes so if you don't succeed immediately just try again. I picked up two eggs with the same dsecription - yet they are different eggs. How is that possible?
  12. Banned for making me turn my head to look at the signature pic properly.
  13. You need the famous japanese gardener dragon - he will use his Bonsai BSA to grow you one. How do I get a ribbon dancer dragon?
  14. It's a term for short-lineaged dragon. Can I incubte Ice eggs?
  15. You can only get a new scroll when your old one is full. You'll need at least 100 whiptails, terrae and zombies each. How do I get a balloon dragon?
  16. You. How can you customize your forum title?
  17. Because he's really shy and blushes everytime you look at him. How do you gift a dragon?
  18. You should check your spelling - it's sick nature and describes the character of HFW. What is PB?
  19. Some develop an egg-allergy, some move to flats where eggs aren't allowed and some just don't like cracked eggs and leave them behind when they go on vacation. I accidently killed my egg - can I get it back?
  20. You need a pen dragon first - if you have both you can play RP's in the forum. Why do people post in every thread?
  21. Because you need an Ember and a Winter dragon as well. Why are there chickens in the cave?
  22. banned for having an unpronounceable name
  23. Christmas is a holiday for children. Do you know what breeding involves?! Why are there no male snow angels?
  24. The biome where you get your magi dragons (also known as the Netherlands or Oranjenburg) What kind of egg is this 'This egg has a faint green glow around it.' ?
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