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  1. [Evil cackle] Tihihi [/Evil cackle]
  2. Banned for using to many cutsie-wootsie wordies instead of the real ones
  3. Ranch Potatoes - the favourite food of harvest dragons. How do I grab the new eggs/magmas etc. ? If I try to touch them I get burned.
  4. Everyone knows, that chickens are basically Velociraptors - so it's obvious: They wandered over from Dino Cave. What does 'hard refresh' mean?
  5. 3 BTW my last one was 3 Artemis Fowl (I only read one up til now) 1. My first Neil Gaman book was 'Don't panic' 2. My first fantasy series was Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster 3. My first tough-male hero archetype was Captain Kirk Since I don't want to continue right now I just edit the righ answer in: #3 - I read a book of the German Sci-fi Show Orion at a very young age - Kirk's a *cat compared to Cliff Alaistair McLane ;P
  6. Nope I'm still working on DC (MLP and D&D worked ^^) I'm going with 3 because I think you either read OR watched but not both OK children's fantasy... 1. I've read all 'Wrinkle in time' books 2. I've read all 'His dark Materials' books 3. I've read all 'Artemis Fowl' books
  7. I go with 2 (because 3 would be too obvious) Since I feel ignored Here I go again: 1 I converted some of my pupils to Dragon Cave 2. I converted some of my pupils to RPG's 3. I converted some of my pupils to become bronies
  8. Nope 3 - but I do plan to rectify that eventually I go with 3 1 I converted some of my pupils to Dragon Cave 2. I converted some of my pupils to RPG's 3. I converted some of my pupils to become bronies
  9. 3 1. I do own a mlp Pinkie Pie 2. I do own a mlp Rarity 3. I do own a mlp Fluttershy
  10. Banned for smelling of cheddar.
  11. That's the code of the first dragon ever produced by the site but don't try to view it that will kill a random dragon on your scroll. Why don't dinos have a gender?
  12. Because the caveis the world - haven't you read Plato? Can I incubate ice, winter and paper eggs?
  13. The observer changes the observed - true in physics and fandom. George Lucas and Uderzo have grown senile.
  14. Tsparkle died whe she tried to keep a serious face during 'Smile,smile,smile'
  15. Tsparkle likes Princess Luna. Pinkie Pie has life's cheat codes. E=mc²
  16. e to the power of (i times pi) equals 1 I'm a math geek.
  17. You need to find a water dragon that's only interested in clothes and stuff. I named my royal blue Buck Rogers and gave him a description where he sleeps for a really long time and awakes to find spaceships and robots and stuff - why did it get rejected?
  18. Wow those are all cool names Have to go with Hematemesis the vampire.
  19. Because the female dragons have headaches 6 out of 7 days. Can I zombify a chicken?
  20. You'll need to name one of your royal blues Kurt Wagner - he will get the teleport BSA immediately. Why can't I see my descriptions on my scroll?
  21. The best way is to take a pygmy egg and let it hatch among the Hellfire Wyverns - that usually does the trick. How do I get a GoN?