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  1. Banned because you can distinguish between a squireel and a cat. @Lagie one of the most crack-tastic round robins on the teaspoon fanfic archive where everyone got turned into a puppet (illustrations can be seen here) My avatar was created as a puppified me
  2. Banned for not knowing Puppet Who
  3. Banned for keeping me up at 3:46 A.M. local time
  4. Banned for having a cute dog as your avatar when I can't have one in RL
  5. Skeletor is a mod and got jealous. Why can't I freeze eggs?
  6. They are fundamental Christian dragons that think you're scroll is the ark. So you only get more than 2 of the pure dragons, that you are allowed to eat. Sweetlings taste pnenomenal with the chocolaty taste of heartseekers but cheeses are not really edible they are in fact sponges that only look like cheese and leave a dry taste in your mouth. I submitted a description like half an hour ago - why isn't it on my dragon's scroll?
  7. Just snagged this Thank you Painter
  8. You don't go ON dragoncave - you go ON you feet and IN Dragoncave. How do I edit my signature?
  9. Was that a duck? I'm the terror that flaps in the night... Darkwing - DUCK!
  10. First you have to pre images otherwise it won't work. How do I write a pm?
  11. Duck (And look into your inbox wolf12345)
  12. daisy like in donald Duck
  13. That was another member who killed his dragon and wanted to hide the evidence - you better get rid of the corpse quickly or you might get framed. Why can't I get a female Sweetling?
  14. MomentsOfHappiness it's so joyful ^^
  15. pyrolycan is the supplier of Segregir's illegal dragon eggs.
  16. You have to go to the Brazilian jungle - the only place where dragons still live in the wilderness. Because frills are very unpractical - they want to be courted for at least a year real time before they will even consider a potential mate. Why can't I say how much I love my dragon in the description?
  17. Because the daydream dragons avatars blink out every 1/50th of a second and send sublimal messages like "YOU NEED MOAR EGGS" or "BREED THAT RED DRAGON". If you take a screenshot at exactly the right moment you can see them. So far users have uncovered 12 different ones, but speculation says there are at least 15. Why is there a 2-dragon limit on holidays?
  18. Duck - Yes I have. It's right at the top ^^
  19. Nope, bad grammar only makes your dragon sick. If you don't fix it in less than 10 minutes the dragon will turn into a neglected. You only get dead dragons if you let them fight each other. How does Earthquake work?
  20. Banned for making me realise my typo in the too many cutsie-wootsie post.
  21. Banned for having a football (yes FOOTBALL not soccer) avatar.
  22. Duck (especially funny since I'm 6'1'')