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  1. That comment was me 'Be Bloody, Bold, And Resolute' has to be one of my top ten dragon names ever. My descriptions get approved so fast at he moment that I don't get to see many comments - Well nothing to complainn about really ;P
  2. Dead Sexy in a Miniskirt (And I LOVE Sylvester McCoy and the whole Doctor/LOTR names- even if they're not funny) Edit- and Beverly Crusher and the A-team - yay! Question: Is your Samuel Beckett named after the playwrite or the time traveller?
  3. True I drank too much black tea and need to fill up on water. TPBM loves MLP: FiM
  4. SkyraTwilight812 died when she was hit by a terrible misunderstood metaphor.
  5. Banned for letting your brother stop you instead of converting him into a brony.
  6. turpxturp refusal Interesting for the statistic - if nothing else
  7. Caught my first CB stripe, successfully bred a beautiful silver egg and turned a 'CB' vamp for gifting
  8. 79RUG He's named 'I'm tying the room together 2'
  9. Alduin only tries to spoil Seregir's plan because she wants to take over the universe herself.
  10. Banned for using that rididuclously official ban format.
  11. Lure them there with chicken feed gifs Why don't forum game posts count?
  12. Banned for taking the fun away by using a different avatar.
  13. Banned for a washing machine avatar.
  14. 7/10 Seen you around a bit and I don't browse that much
  15. New releases are like easter - you have to search for the eggs and they can be anywhere on the internet. What does 'perfect gen' mean?
  16. Nope - Ten is my least favourite Doctor If you had Two it would be quite different
  17. turp x turp = turp turp x stripe = turp
  18. You have to build a time maschine and go to the pre-cambrium. How DO I build a time maschine in DC?
  19. Anywhere as long as you have imagination Oh you mean the dragon? - You have to use your skywings BSA fly to reach the secret cloud biome. Why can't I grab any eggs? I only have 4 eggs, but one of them is dead anyway.