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  1. banned for not editing your 'd pied piper in the other thread
  2. This one made me laugh right away so I couldn't scroll through the rest: Trotsky's Alternative Dorkface It makes me think of making different faces to amuse small children (Do the Dorkface. - No the OTHER Dorkface!')
  3. Alphabetically in French and their species in Russian as a surname - all other names are not allowed. Why did my summon BSA disappear?
  4. You have to have your white dragon brow a potion out of the body parts of a Stripe and a Valentine dragon and feed it to the pair in question - they won't refuse and produce quintuplets. Why are there no yellow stripe dragons?
  5. It's the German name for a flower that blossoms around Easter You have to have a link to your scroll, so we can pick out one of your names annaraptor.
  6. so many nice ones - but I stay faithful to: Be Bloody Bold And Resolute
  7. Dragons are like seahorse which means the male carry the eggs in a belly pouch. Probably your males all had eggs with them but once these are all gone you will need females to lay more eggs into the belly pouches of the males. How do I change the positions of dragons on my scroll?
  8. So many beautiful poetic ones... I think I go with The-Road-Not-Taken because it's so full of potential
  9. Got: Accept: I like how you give his personality, a bit of description on what he looks like other than the sprite, and what he likes to do. I love how the reviewer took the time to type out such a detailed accept ^^ Edit : The thoughtful reviewer is back: Got: Accept: I like how you make them seperate genders and tell about why they were frozen. Accept: Accept: Edit: Got : Accept: Haha, racist Accept: First one WTF? Got: Accept: You should be a writer Which made my day
  10. Banned for colour striped sig.
  11. Catlover loves cats - extra crispy and with a side of cheese.
  12. Catlover died of triple posting
  13. 8/10 see you in forum games a lot of the times I'm on ^^
  14. The Albinos are funny but I like puny so I prefer your vines: A Stitch In Vine (Great SGA splits BTW)
  15. DC takes place in a medival setting - so naturally the child death rate is pretty high - there's not really anything you can do about it What is dimorphism?
  16. No that would be child egg molesting. How do I unfreeze a hatchie?
  17. Because they're actually green Dittos and camouflage themselves as Yoshis - didn't you know that DC originally started of as a pokemon/Super Mario crossover? I bred two pebble dragons and got some strange gray egg - what happened?
  18. Lagie's avatar is a picture of her before her latest visit to the hairdresser.
  19. No but no one never touches them so they are in 'mint' condition. Where can I do neglected experiments?
  20. Drive down the highway, pause to let him out, leash him to a tree and drive away. How to I breed a neglected?
  21. False TPBM is a dog person >> a cat person
  22. PhantomoftheWolves uses capital letters in her username.