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  1. Norma (do names count?)
  2. 38 7 of 7 Good for you I ahve a friend who does though so I'm lucky
  3. 34 Did you see this weeks Picard? 7 of 7
  4. 361 = 19² 14 of 14 then - thanks purple
  5. 346 ( no idea about that *of 13* business so I'm keeping out of that :P)
  6. Maybe it was revived? and then later died again and only the first die date stuck? However that happend it's certainly fascinating OMG - thanks @Rememberdrgns - I totally read taht August as April
  7. FINALLY - I thought this pair COULDN'T produce the right colour - I mean compare. Finally Rojeg will have a mate. Also finished building a mate for an old AP find so now I can breed this
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